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Classroom Overview

Welcome to seventh grade.  My goal is to expose students to a wealth of quality literature, to create lifelong readers and learners, and to encourage your child to discover what writing can do for him or her. 

I am truly looking forward to a successful year of learning with you and your child.  Please contact me if there are any concerns or questions. 


  • Follow Directions
  • Use Appropriate Language
  • Be Responsible for Your Learning
  • Respect Yourself and Others


Grading is done through a point system that will be converted to a percent.  Each student’s grade will be based on participation, tests/quizzes, outside reading, homework, and projects.  In addition to teacher evaluation, students will have the opportunity for self-evaluation and peer evaluation.  Each student will receive a midterm report each quarter.  The grading is as follows…





F="59%" or below


Homework plays an integral role in a child's education.  It serves as the practice and reinforcement of skills and concepts covered in class. Your child will receive homework each night.  Please refer to the 7B calendar for a daily list of assignments. Homework will be written on the board.  All students are required to keep an assignment notebook.

Late Work:

Since helping students learn and increase responsible behavior is an important objective this year, I am insisting that assignments be turned in when due.  If for some reason your child is unable to turn in his/her work on time, I will accept it for full credit the next day only if the child brings in a written note from his/her parent.  If it is an issue with a computer problem, please remember that students have the option of emailing assignments to the teacher to prevent the possibility of losing points.  Any other work turned in late will receive half credit.  Assignments turned in after will receive a zero.  All late assignments are still expected to be completed.


Absentee work will be given to the child when he/she returns to school.  As stated in the school-wide assignment notebook; when a student is absent from school, he/she will be given the same number of days to make up daily assignments.


Portfolios are an excellent way to organize work and monitor progress.  Any and all work from the entire quarter will be kept in this folder.  Students are encouraged to bring their portfolios home to share, but I do ask that they are returned the next day.

Materials Needed:

Five Tab Dividers
Loose-leaf paper
Two - One Subject Spiral
Red Pen
Several Black Pens