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Classroom Information

 boy13.bmp Snacks

We will have a snack each morning.  Please send one nutritious snack in addition to your child’s lunch.  The children will be allowed to get a drink of water during snack time. 

This is a nut free classroom!!

Home Folders

Your child will bring a folder home each day.  Please review the completed work and notes, and return the folder to school.


 school_bus.png        Dismissal

You must send a note or call the office if there are any changes in your child’s dismissal. (448-6888)

 schoolbag.png assignment notebook.PNG 

Third Grade Behavior Management Plan 


Classroom Rules:

  1. Listen carefully and follow directions

 2.  Raise your hand when you need help or when you have something to share

 3.  Work quietly

 4.  Keep your hands to yourself

 5.  Walk in the classroom and in the halls

 6.  Be a good citizen 

7.  Be a Bucket Filler!



 Verbal praise

 2.  Stickers

 3.  Positive note to parents

 4.  Pride catchers

5.  Move up to silver and gold



I have a color-coded system that provides visual cueing for the students.

First warning – move clip down to yellow

Second warning – move clip down to red 

?lose a recess or part of a recess

 ?a note or phone call home

 ?be sent down to the office


Your child will have the opportunity to move their clip throughout the day.  Everyone will start at green and then be moved either up to silver and gold or down to yellow and red.  If your child is moved down to yellow or red they can still make a change in their behavior and move back up to green, silver or gold.

Each child will color where they ended the day in their assignment notebooks.  Please review your child’s assignment notebook each night and sign it.  I will send a brief note or give you a call to explain why your child is on red. If there are multiple days during the week that your child is on yellow, I will also send home a note or phone home.   If you ever have any questions, please call me or send me an email.  I appreciate your support!!!