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Classroom Information

Classroom Rules


1.      Listen when others are talking.

2.     Follow directions.

3.     Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

4.     Work quietly and do not disturb others.

5.    Work and play in a safe manner.

6.   Always try your best! : )


 *Class Incentives*

Students will have the opportunity to earn gems for exceptional behaviors.  For example, a positive comment from a teacher while walking in the hallway would earn us a gem. Anything that demonstrates excellent behavior or going above and beyond expectations would earn our class gems.  Once the “Gem Jar” is filled, our class will have a meeting to decide on how we should celebrate our achievement (i.e.: free time, extra recess, bringing a favorite stuffed animal or electronics to school, etc.).  If we work together, we can fill our “Gem Jar” many times!

In first grade, we use a "Stoplight System" to monitor student behavior. 
Consequences for not following the rules are as follows:

1. Student will be given a verbal warning.

2. A second verbal warning may be given.

3. Student will have to move from green light to the yellow light if the behavior persists.   
    This denotes a phone call home and/or a missed recess.

4. If the child still has difficulty, they will move from the yellow light to the red light.
This denotes a phone call home, missed recess, a written referral and/or discussion
    with the principal.

Red Take Home Folder

Your child will bring home a red Take-Home folder every night.  This folder is important for information between home and school. Please take time to look through it each night and then send it back to school the next day. Anything on the home side can stay at home, and anything on the school side needs to come back to school.

Daily Homework in 1st Grade

1. Read for fluency & comprehension for 10-15 minutes & record it on the homework log

2. Math worksheet

3. Practice assigned spelling words

4. Practice math facts on

Daily Behavior Log/Homework Log

In order to inform you of your child’s behavior at school each day, there will be a weekly Stoplight Behavior Chart in your child’s folder each night.  Students will fill in a green light on their sheet each morning when they arrive at school.   At the end of the day, your child will make changes to their chart if needed.  I will write comments about your child’s behavior in the space provided if necessary.  Please sign and return this chart to your child’s red folder every night. This procedure will help us both to track your child’s behavior at school.

Homework Logs are a weekly calendar that is copied on the back of your child’s Behavior Log.  There is a space to document the books that your child has read each night and a space to check that other homework has been completed.  They are collected on the following Monday after it is sent home.  Your child will be in a drawing for a monthly prize at the end of each month if he/she completed their Homework Logs for the entire month. 

Free Flow in First Grade

Throughout the school year your child will Free Flow to the Media Center.  Free Flow was designed to give each student the opportunity to check out a “just right book” every single day.  First graders choose from a group of books in the Media Center that are labeled with a black, blue, red, yellow or green dot.   Every child will have the opportunity to Free Flow each day, as long as they have read and recorded his/her dot book on their reading log.  Free Flow is an easy way for your child to read a new book at his/her reading level each night! 

Star of the Week

Each child will have the opportunity to be "Star of the Week" once during this school year.  I will send home an “All About Me” poster for your child to fill out, and notes sheet for you to follow.  Please send the “All About Me” poster to school on Monday of your child's special week. Please send your letter written about your child that will be read to the whole class by Thursday of your child’s special week. The Star of the Week also  gets to chose a day to have lunch with the teacher and a friend! Thanks for helping your child shine! 


Each child will have the chance to celebrate their birthday in my classroom.  If your child has a summer birthday, we will celebrate on his/her half birthday. As a reminder, Board Policy 7:260 is in effect as of January 1, 2011. Edible birthday treats will NOT be permitted at school. Non-edible birthday treats are also prohibited. In addition, PFA room parties will not have food treats. However on your child’s birthday, we will sing to them and they will be a shining star with their birthday crown, pencil, bracelet and bookmark; and get to have lunch with their teacher and a friend! 


We will have a healthy and mess-free snack every morning around 10 o'clock. Students may also have a "spill-proof" water bottle on their desks throughout the school day.

Book Orders:

I will send home book orders each month.  Each order form will have a note attached that states the date the order is due.  Please make checks payable to "Scholastic Book Clubs".  There is also a new and easier way that you can order online!
Go to and register your username and password. Our class activation code is: HFC8D

School Lunch

School lunches are $2.85 and include milk.  Milk is $.45 if you bring a lunch from home, and only want to buy milk.  

After School Transportation

If your child has a change in his/her after school schedule, please email me by 2:30 PM or send a written note inside your child’s red folder.  Without a note or e-mail, your child will have to follow their normal schedule.  I will check their red folders every morning and will receive these important notes put in there!  

Parent Volunteers

There are two ways to volunteer in my classroom.  The first way is to come in to our class at a scheduled time to do activities with the children and/or help me with projects in the hallway.  The second way is to be an at home volunteer.  If you choose to be an at home volunteer, occasionally I will send small projects home with your child for you to complete.  Volunteers are very important in to my classroom and greatly appreciated!  If you would like to be a volunteer, please contact me.  Also remember, any visitor who enters our building must provide their Driver’s License to the main office.

Assessment/Report Cards

Your child will be assessed continually throughout the school year. The 1st grade report card is based on a development continuum. The report card grades that your child will receive are:

Beginning (B): Skill has been introduced, Your child still needs instruction and practice to understand that skill
Progressing (P): Your child exhibits understanding of the skill, but performance, quality and/or application is not consistent from situation to situation.
Consistently Demonstrating (CD): Your child shoes that the understanding and application of the skill has been acquired through oral response, written work, tests, hands-on activities, interaction with adults and peers. Performance is consistently high quality.

An effort grade will also be given in each area on the report card, with 1 being the highest effort. Your child's grades will be determined comprehensively by means including daily observation, work samples, checklists, rubrics, reading records, and scores on assignment and assessments.