Palos East Elementary SChool

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Classroom Information
First Grade Behavior Management Plan
Each child will have a behavior calendar in their home folder.  Each child will color their calendar at the end of each day.  Please review your child’s behavior calendar everyday and ask them about the choices they made.  I will send a brief note or give you a call to explain why your child is on yellow, orange or red.   If there are any questions, please call me or send me an email.

Classroom Rules: (Good Choices)

 “Our eyes are watching, ears are listening, mouths are quiet and our hands are still.”

  • We are respectful to our classmates, their things, and our school.
  • We are responsible for our words and actions.
  • We strive to do our very best everyday!

    Room 41 Rules

    1. Listen to others and raise your hand when you want to talk.
    2. Follow directions
    3. Keep your hands and feet to yourself. **
    4. Work quietly.
    5. Respect others.
    6. Work and play in a safe manner
    7. Always try your best.

Our classroom works with the Respectful Chart system that provides visual cueing for each student.                        


 We will be working off of our “Respect Chart” this year. There are 7 steps and colors to this chart. The colors are purple (Respectful Role Model), dark blue (Excellent Example), light blue (Super Student), green (Prepared to Learn), yellow (Eek! Think About It), orange (Calm Down), and red (Time to Talk). All students have a clip with their number on it.  Each student will begin the school day with their clip on green (GREEN = Good Behavior and Prepared to learn) which is in the middle of the chart. Throughout the day the students can move their clips up for good or positive behavior. If they are disruptive, or brake our school rules they will need to move their clip down. The students have the opportunity to clip up and down throughout the whole day.



We encourage our students to bring a healthy snack that can be eaten within  5-10 minutes each day. Please do not send in a drink for snack time.  The children will be allowed to get a drink of water during snack time. Fruits and vegetables are strongly encouraged.  Thank you for caring!


All homework should be turned in on time unless approved by me. Please e-mail or send a note if there are any issues.


We love to celebrate birthdays in our school. We make sure that your child feels special on their birthday. All students will receive a birthday crown and pencil and have their birthday announced over the intercom during the morning announcements. 

Home Folders
Your child will bring a folder home each day.  Please review the completed work and notes, and return the folder to school.

Please send a note or call the office if there are any changes in your child’s dismissal.

Free Flow in First Grade
Throughout the school year your child will Free Flow to the Media Center. This gives the students the opportunity to check out a book that is just right for their reading level each day.

Book Orders
I will be sending home book orders throughout the year to help build you home library as well as having new stories for your child to practice their reading skills with. Each order form will have an attached sheet that states the date all orders are due by. Please make checks payable to "Scholastic Book Clubs".  You are also able to order online using our special password. Go to and register. 

School Lunch
Please feel free to sign up online and purchase your students lunches. You may contact the office for more instructions if  needed.