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Classroom Rules

                ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST!

  1. Be Kind
  2. Work Hard


Homework in first grade will consist of 4 daily assignments.  Each child must:

1.       Read for 15 minutes every school night and record books on their reading record log.
2.      Practice his/her assigned math facts each school night.
3.  Complete enVision mathematics homework.
4.  Practice his/her assigned spelling words each night.
5.  Complete and return both reading record log and math/spelling log every Monday.

Beginning in September, I will be sending home a “Mystery Word” worksheet.  Your child will receive one every Monday.  It should be completed and returned to me by Friday.  This is not a mandatory assignment but is something that is fun to be done at home with the help of family members.

Red Take Home Folder
Your child will bring home a red take home folder every night.  This folder is a courier for information between home and school.  Please take time to look through the information each night and then send it back to school the next day.  If you have any special notes for me, please put it in the Bring Back section of their folder. 

Great Job Slips
At the end of the school day, if your child has stayed on a green light, they will receive a great job slip.  It is their responsibility to take their slips home and put them in a special place.  Please check each night and make sure that your child has received a slip.  This is your way of knowing how they behave at school on a daily basis.  Once they earn 15 slips they get to pick a prize out of the treasure box.  I will only allow the children to choose out of the treasure box on Friday of every week, so please do not have your children bring their slips until that day. 

Cardinal Courier

Our district is committed to conserving resources and now sends most information home digitally.  Look for important school and community information to come electronically through your e-mail.


At least once a month, you will find a copy of Room 43 News in your child’s red folder.  This will keep you up-to-date on events happening in our classroom and school.  It will also inform you about the activities we are working on in the classroom. 

Again, please make sure to check your child’s folder on a daily basis because you never know when an important notice might be sent home.  If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me at any time. 

Reading Record and Math/Spelling Homework Logs

Reading record logs and math/spelling homework logs will be distributed to each student at the beginning of each week.  The logs are a place for you to document your child’s at-home work. Both of these logs are collected every Monday and new ones are given out.  

Free Flow in First Grade

Free Flow was designed to give each student the opportunity to check out a “Just Right Book” every single day from the Media Center.  First graders choose from a group of books in the Media Center that are labeled with a red, yellow, green, blue or black dot.  Every child will have the opportunity to Free Flow many days, as long as they have read and recorded his/her dot book on their reading log.  Free Flow is an easy way for your child to read a new book at his/her reading level each night! 

Field Trips

First grade will go on several field trips this year.  We will send home information about field trips several weeks in advance. 

Star of the Week

Each child will have the opportunity to be “Star of the Week” once during this school year.  Once you get the schedule, make sure to mark the week on your calendar because this is always a fun time for your child.  I will send home an envelope containing a note describing the week’s events and a short worksheet for your child to complete and illustrate.  Please send the envelope and completed materials back to school on or before Monday of your child’s special week.  Thanks for helping your child be a star! 


Each child will have the chance to celebrate their birthday in my classroom.  If your child has a summer birthday, we will celebrate on his/her half birthday. 

School Lunch  

Palos 118 has partnered with Skyward Foodservice and RevTrack to offer online payments for foodservice in the schools. Each student receives a 4-digit code that will be used in the lunch line to access their account and pay for their food items. Students will need this code to punch into the keypad when paying for their lunch.  If younger students cannot remember their 4-digit code, cashiers will be able to look them up by name or teacher.  Parents will be able to fund their child’s account and track what their student is ordering through the online module in their Skyward Parent Access portal. These accounts are Family accounts, so if you have multiple children in Palos 118 schools, they will all be able to use the same account and you will not need to fund each student’s account separately.To get the 4-digit code, login into Skyward Parent Access portal online. Go to and click on the Skyward Parent Access link under the Quick Links in the lower right hand corner. You will be asked for your Skyward Login. If you need login assistance call 708-448-4800. You will also be able to see all account activity through the portal.

Car Riders

If your child has a change in their after school schedule, please send a written note.  Without a note, your child will have to follow their normal schedule.  If there is an emergency and you need to make alternate transportation arrangements during the day, please notify the office no later than 2:15 P.M.  This will allow the school enough time to safely ensure that your request is granted. 

Late Arrival

If your child arrives late to school, you must sign your child in at the office.  This lets the office know that your child is here so that they can correct the attendance. 


If your family is going on a vacation in which your child will miss school, it is the school’s policy that we do not give missed work out until after you return from your vacation.  Your child should practice their math facts, journal, and continue to read every night while on vacation.