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Mission For The Class

Respect  *  Responsibility  *  Honesty


        When we know it’s up to us to do our work, do our best, keep our promises, choose our attitudes-that’s responsibility.  

        Respect is something we do- not just something we feel.  We respect others by treating them in a way that says, “You are important to me!”  

Truthfulness is a way of life, in which we are genuine in our character, and honest both in what we say and what we do.

Homework in fifth grade has three purposes.  One is to instill and develop a sense of responsibility in completing and returning assignments.  Second is to allow ample time to complete assignments that were given in class.  Third is to provide an opportunity to enrich and practice the skills or concepts that were introduced during class.  I highly encourage that parents take time to spend time each night reviewing homework and helping your child with assignments, this will help you know how your child is doing in various subject areas. A record of your child's homework history will be available for your view through Class DoJo.

Homework is posted online nightly.  One way to alleviate any homework concerns is to check your child's assignment notebook or my web page every night.  The post for the assignment notebook on the web page is under "Homework".  

Assignment Notebook  
Students are responsible for bringing their assignment notebook to school every day.  It is also their responsibility to write their homework assignments down.  PLEASE CHECK YOUR CHILD'S ASSIGNMENT NOTEBOOK EVERY NIGHT.  This is the best way for us to communicate on a daily basis and will teach your child to be organized.  Again, if they forgot their assignment notebook at school, forgot to write an assignment down, or if your child is absent you can check the web page under the "Homework" tab to get an updated assignment notebook.

Daily Behavior
In order to inform you of your child’s behavior at school each day you will receive feedback through Class Dojo each day. Your child will receive points for specific behaviors, learning habits, and accomplishments in the classroom.  The information you receive is immediate and allows you to communicate with me as you receive it.  A note will be sent home at the beginning of the year for you to set up your parent account.  Your child will be able to set up an account as well to keep track of their progress.

Reading Log
Every night, twenty minutes of reading is required.  Please fill out the reading log form and return to school at the end of each month.  Students are responsible for turning in their own logs.  This will also count as a homework grade.

Included in our morning schedule will be a brief snack period.  A healthy snack is suggested such as fruit, cheese and crackers, pretzels, veggies, or yogurt.  NO NUTS, PLEASE.

Field Trips 

* Rendezvous with a Comet
* Healthworld - Drugs, Choices and Consequences
* Others are pending

School Lunch
School lunches are $2.85 and include milk.  Milk is $.35 if you bring a cold lunch.  Tickets can be purchased on any day of the week.

Car Riders/Bus Riders
If your child has a change in their after school schedule, please send a written note.  Without a note, your child will have to follow their normal schedule.

Late Arrival
If your child arrives late to school, you must sign your child in at the office.  This lets the office know that your child is here so that they can correct the attendance.

If your family is going on a vacation in which your child will miss school, it is the school’s policy that we do not give missed work out until after you return from your vacation.  Your child should practice their math facts, journal, and continue to read every night while on vacation.

Parent Volunteers
There are two ways to volunteer in my classroom.  The first way is to come into our class occasionally to do scheduled activities with the children.  The second way is to be an at home volunteer.  If you choose to be an at home volunteer, occasionally I will send small projects home with your child for you to complete.  Volunteers are welcomed in my classroom
and are greatly appreciated! ? ? 

Grade Scale

93-100 = A
92-90 =  A-
88-90 =  B+
83-87 =  B
80-82 =  B-
78-80 =  C+
73-77 =  C
70-72 =  C-
68-70 =  D+
63-67 =  D
60-62 =  D-
59 and below = YIKES!