Palos East Elementary SChool

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Mrs. Hennessy’s Classroom Notes

Room 14


The children will receive homework each night. Homework is due the following day. Late slips will be issued for any homework not turned in on time. This slip should be signed by a parent and returned with the completed assignment the following day.


Classroom Expectations

Our classroom has discussed the rules of the classroom. Each child receives 5 tickets at the beginning of the week. When a rule is broken a verbal warning is given. If the rule continues to be broken the student will hand in one ticket. At the end of the week all tickets are put into a can for a drawing at the end of each month. The name that is drawn will win a homework passor lunch with Mrs. Hennessy. It is my intent to foster a learning environment which is safe, secure and fair for all children.

Raise hands


Take turns

Listen and follow directions

Inside voices

Use kind words

Be ready

Best effort

Hands, feet and objects to self

Proper use of materials

Keep your eyes on your own work

Reading Logs

At the beginning of the month your child will be bringing home a reading log. The signed reading log should be returned the last day of the month. Your child should be reading for at least 20 minutes 5 -7 nights weekly.

Take Home Folders

Your child’s work will be sent home nightly. Please review any graded papers with your child. Also, look for important notes and assignments which need to corrected.If your child is bringing home a REDO assignment, please help them correct the assignment and sign the form. Please review, sign and return any social studies or science test which your child brings home.