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 Classroom Rules: 
As part of our Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program, Palos West has created a matrix in which examples of good behavior are given.  We want our students to be respectful, responsible, honest and compassionate.  I have listed the ways in which the students can exhibit the behavior that is expected in the classroom below.

  1. Students will be respectful by being a good listener, raising their hands quietly and using quiet voices.
  2. Students will be responsible by coming to school prepared, doing their work and participating in class.
  3. Students will be honest by keeping their eyes on their own work and by admitting mistakes and wrongdoings.
  4. Students will be compassionate by using kind words, sharing with others and helping one another.

Rewards for Good Behavior:                                                                            

  1. Teacher helper for the day
  2. Pencils
  3. Stickers
  4. Sitting at the teacher's desk
  5. Line leader for the Day
  6. IPAD time
  7. Character Coupons


Classroom Management Plan:
The students will use a color system in which they will keep track of their behavior.  There will be five colors: Orange, blue, green, yellow and red.  The students will begin each day on green.  Throughout the day, they may change their color depending on their behavior.  The colors are explained below.  
  1. Orange- Students showed exemplary behavior and will get 2 stickers for their sticker sheet and a character coupon.
  2. Blue- Students exhibited very good behavior and will get 1 sticker for their sticker sheet and a character coupon.   
  3. Green- Students begin on this color and have exhibited good behavior.  If they end on this color, they will receive a character coupon.
  4. Yellow- Students will complete a problem solving sheet in which they will tell the problem they are having and how it can be solved.  This will be signed by the student, teacher and parent.
  5. Red- I will call home to discuss the problem with student's parents and how the problem can be solved.

The students will keep a sticker sheet to track their good behavior.  When the sticker sheet has been filled, they get to choose from one of our classroom rewards.


Homework Policy:

In third grade, our goal is for students to spend no more than 30 minutes a day on homework.  I ask that students spend 20 minutes a day reading.  This can be something that your child chooses on their own, or something that we are reading in class.  During the other 10 minutes, students should work on practicing their spelling words as well as their basic math facts.  In 3rd grade, we focus on multiplication and division.  Students should practice these basic facts each night for about 5 minutes.  


If your child would like to bring in a small healthy snack to be eaten during the morning, they may do so. 


A   93-100
A-  90-92
B+  88-89
B   83-87
B-   80-82
C+  78-79
C   73-77
C-   70-72
D+ 68-69

D  63-67
D- 60-63
F  0-59