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Classroom Information

Classroom Information

Our Classroom Motto is... 
Be Nice!
The children in room 8 try very hard to be a positive part of the classroom by following the rules.  However, if a child chooses not to follow the classroom rules, certain consequences will result.  At the beginning of each day, all children begin on green light.  Students have the opportunity to move up to purple light or blue light for excellent behavior. They also have the opportunity to move down to yellow or red light. One warning is issued for inappropriate behavior.  On the second warning, the student’s marker will be moved to yellow light.   If inappropriate behavior continues, the child will receive a red light.  This will result in a phone call to a parent and/or an office referral. Please note; this is a fluid behavior system.  Meaning, clips may be moved up and down throughout the day.  A daily sheet will be sent home daily as a means of communication regarding your child's behavior.

If the system described above is not effective for your child, an individualized behavior plan will be created to target specific behaviors.

 Classroom Procedures

Each day, your child will bring home his/her take home folder.  Along with their folder, your child will have their assignment notebook.  The assignment notebook will have any homework assignments and/or special reminders for the day.  Assignment notebooks must be signed daily!  Please look through your child’s take home folder and assignment book nightly and return them to school with your child each day. 

The spelling packet should stay in the take home folder.  I will collect this on Friday of each week.  The reading/math log is passed out at the beginning of each month and due at the end of the month.

Homework Policy

*Read each night for at least 20 minutes, recording the minutes on the  reading log.

*Math homework as assigned.

*Weekly spelling packets.

Weekly Specials:

       P.E.-Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Please make sure your child brings gym shoes on the days when P.E. is scheduled

Class Meeting  Mr__Happy.jpg
Students in my class are encouraged to share their feelings and do so each week via a class meeting.  Throughout the meeting, students have the opportunity to take an active role in the problem-solving process. There is a student leader who leads the meeting and a student secretary who records the problems and solutions. Compliments and concerns are shared and students have the opportunity to discuss any issues in a safe environment.  From there, students are taught problem-solving techniques which assist them in and out of the classroom.  This proactive approach seems to lessen the amount of problems at school and also gives students a sense of belonging within the classroom. 

Daily:  11:45-12:25 (this time includes recess).  A hot lunch with milk may be purchased for $2.85.  Milk only is $0.40.  Salad bar is available every day, unless specified on the monthly lunch menu. 

On your child’s birthday, he/she will be honored by selecting a special book to read the class. Students will also be encouraged to bring an item from home that is special to the them to discuss with their classmates.  Examples are:  a sea shell from a vacation, a rock from a collection, a picture of a pet, a favorite stuffed animal, or a picture that the student created.  Only 1 item is allowed per child. No electronic devices or expensive items, please. 

Highlights of Curricular Areas

Language Arts:  District 118 currently utilizes the Wonders Reading Series. 

Math:  The Envision 2.0 math program is utilized at Palos East and Palos West.

*In addition, students will be responsible for memorizing addition and subtraction facts through 18.

Social Studies:
  The primary purpose of Social Studies is to help students to make informed and responsible decisions about themselves and the public good.  The following topics will be covered:

*North America and Our World




Science:  The STEM scopes program is utilized to teach science.



If you have any questions, please contact me at Palos East School at 708.761.3568 or via email at