Palos East Elementary SChool

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Keys to a Good Year       key_thumb.jpg

At Palos East we believe in a community of adults and children that share fundamental courtesies. I expect all the children in my class to exercise these three courtesies at school:

        1.   Respect                                

        2.   Responsibility

        3.   Honesty 

We call these “keys” to courteous behavior. The children will earn keys every week as I see them exhibit these traits. At the end of the week we will have a drawing of names for those who had earned keys for the week. They can then choose a prize from the prize box.


Take home folder

Every day your child will bring home his/her “take home” folder. This folder should return to school every morning.  Check the folder for school correspondences and your child’s completed work. The reading log and spelling packet should be kept in this folder. I will check their homework every morning. The reading logs will be checked daily and collected monthly. 

Class discipline plan                 

Our classroom rules as well as rewards and consequences are posted.
Stoplight procedure: Everyone starts the day on the green light. A warning will be given before moving to the yellow light with a note home. A red light and a call home will be given for any further occurrences. 

Homework policy                                            

  • Read every night for at least 15 minutes, recording minutes on reading log.
  • Spelling nightly 
  • Nightly math assignments. In addition to studying math facts.
  • Additional assignments assigned periodically

An assignment alert will be sent home for incomplete assignments.

Water Bottles

Feel free to send a water bottle to school with your child each day. We will keep it on our cubby to drink throughout the day, especially in the warm weather. This will also be used as a drink during our working snack.