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Classroom Information

The following rules are promoted throughout our team to ensure the best learning environment for your child:

*        Respect yourself and others.

*        Be in your seat, ready to work.

*        Come prepared.

*        Follow directions.

*        Submit all assignments on the due date.

*        The Discipline Guidelines outlined in the Palos South Handbook apply at all times. 

Entering eighth grade is very exciting yet demanding in that we believe it is crucial to implement a system that will enhance the responsibility of all of our students.

 Procedures for this system are as follows:

Quarterly Rewards for Entire Team:

                Ways to congratulate your child will be through rewards.  These rewards will take place at midterm and at the end of the  quarter.

Consequences for Behavior and Preparation:

*        Inappropriate behavior and/or lack of preparation will result in a signature.

*        Three signatures result in a loss of midterm celebration.

Assigned Work / Projects:

*       Students must submit all assignments on the due date.

*       Refer to each teacher for specifics on late homework assignments.

*       Ample time is allotted in class for each task placed before every student.

*       The incomplete work will be expected to be completed and turned in to ensure the teacher that the student has learned the concept.

*       This in no way affects the School Absentee Policy for Excused Absences.  Excused absences receive additional time as outlined in the Student Handbook.



*File Dividers
*Notebook Paper
*Scientific Calculator
*Sticky Notes
*Colored Pen/Marker
Social Studies....
Sticky Notes
Colored Pen/Marker



    Homework in math will typically be given Monday thru Thursday.  Students should copy the problems and show all work when completing the problems.  Homework is also to be completed in pencil and placed in their binder in the homework section.

_Homework in social studies will be given but not on a daily basis. We will do a large amount of the work in class.  Students will be asked to use technology (Edmodo), assigned web sites, and textbook to complete these assignments. 

Test Corrections:

     Students who receive a D or an F in math after the first test  are to make test corrections.  The students will have two nights to complete these corrections.  Corrections are to be done on notebook paper and are to be stapled to the front of the test.  To make the corrections the students will divide the page in half.  On the left of the paper they are to copy and redo the problem(s).  On the right side they are to write what was done incorrectly and why the new answer is now correct.  A parent(s) signature is required on a D and F tests.  Students who receive an A – C may also make corrections on their test following the same rules that are listed above. Corrections will be placed as a homework assignment or as part of the test category.  Please check with your child to see the category that the corrections will be placed in on Skyward.