Palos East Elementary SChool

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Second Grade Curriculum

Language Arts:  District 118 utilizes the McGraw-Hill Reading series, Wonders.  It is aligned to the Common Core Standards.  This interactive language arts program is designed to balance instruction in the following areas:

*Word knowledge (spelling, phonics, sight words and vocabulary)




In conjunction with the Wonders series, students will focus on the 6 Traits of Good Writing:  Ideas, Organization, Voice, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency, and Conventions to express themselves. 

District 118 adopted the Pearson enVisionmath2.0 program this school year to teach mathematics.  The topics covered include

*Addition and subtraction with and without regrouping
*Place Value of numbers to 1000
*Measurement including time and money
*Problem Solving
*In addition, students will be responsible for memorizing addition and subtraction facts through 20.

usa dog.gifSocial Studies:  The primary purpose of Social Studies is to help students to make informed and responsible decisions about themselves and the public good.  The following topics will be covered:

*Map Skills

*North America and Our World


flowers.gifScience:  Science is taught using Stemscopes to address the Next Generation Science Standards.  Second graders will participate in physical science, life science, and earth science activities.  
The following units will be covered:

*Properties and States of Matter, Purposes of Properties, and Building Blocks of Matter

*What Plants Need, Animal and Plant Dependence, and Diversity of Living Things

*Quick Changes to Land, Slow Changes to Land, Effects of Wind and Water, Mapping Our World, and Forms of Water on Earth