Palos East Elementary SChool

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Classroom Expectations

I feel that a positive relationship between parents, teachers, and students will make for a successful learning environment. As a class, we have agreed to uphold our responsibilities so that our classroom will be a safe, secure and fair learning environment.  

Our classroom rules: Be Respectful to others, Show Responsibility & Always Be Honest.

Always BE PREPARED FOR CLASS with supplies including: homework, assignments, and textbooks.

Homework "Punch" Card
To help promote student responsibility with turning in daily assignments, I will be utilizing a homework punch card system in class. Each student will be given a homework "punch card".  The cards will have 20 numbers.  I will punch out a number daily when your child turns in all of their completed homework. If an assignment is missing or not completed no punch will be made to the card that day.  Any card that is lost  will be  replaced but the previous punches will not be replaced.  When the punch card has been completed up to 20 punches a reward is earned!  Some lucky winners even win a "FREE" homework pass!!!  HAPPY PUNCHING!!

“Fishing For Compliments”

To promote honesty & respect, each day the class has the opportunity to earn “Compliment Fish” for our classroom fish bowl.  The purpose of this fish bowl is to reward the entire class for good behavior, respect, remembering to bring things back to school, compliments earned as a group for good behavior, etc.  When the class reaches the goal of earning twenty “Compliment Fish” they will receive a special reward.  I look forward to many rewards.

Friday  Mailboxes                          
Every Friday, your child will be coming home with completed work and important information from the week. Please look over the contents of this “mail” including assignments that may need corrections.  Your child has the opportunity to make corrections to these assignments and turn them back in to me for partial credit. If your child makes any corrections on papers please sign and return the work on Mondays.  I will also include any important notes that need to be sent home that week.    

Book Projects

Quarterly, the children will explore a different genre and have a book project. The project and requirements will be sent home at the beginning of the month.  This is a great way for children to be exposed to a variety of books and to enhance reading for meaning as well as enjoyment!  The children will also be presenting their projects to the class to improve our "oral" presentation skills.

 Monthly Reading & Math Logs  

A monthly Reading & Math Multiplication Log will be sent home at the beginning of each month.  Please initial the log for each night your child reads and practices their math facts. The signed log must be returned to school at the end of the month to qualify for the reading log incentives program.  When re-reading stories from our Reading Wonders Book, this counts towards the 20 minute Reading log.  The Math Log multiplication facts should be practiced for 15 minutes nightly. 


 Included in our morning schedule will be a brief snack period.  It is recommended that a healthy snack is brought to school.  Suggested snacks include fruits, cheese & crackers, pretzels, veggies, trail mix, granola bars or yogurt.  Unhealthy treats such as chips or candy will not be allowed.