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The Word Within the Word:

Our vocabulary program focuses on Greek and Latin stems in addition to complex words. Every week students learn a new list of stems or words and stems. In addition to weekly assignments designed to help students learn the new list, all classes take weekly vocabulary tests. Rule number one of vocabulary is that it never goes away. Weekly tests are 25% new words/stems and 75% review. Tests are usually given on Thursdays, but are occasionally moved to accommodate school activities. A review test follows every fifth list.

Vocabulary Corrections:

All students have the opportunity to do corrections to improve their vocabulary test scores. To earn back half credit for missed items, students write the missed stems/words with their correct definitions ten times each. Students have approximately one week to submit corrections.

The Magic Lens:

This grammar program is a companion to our vocabulary series. Through four-level analysis students learn about parts of speech, parts of sentences, phrases, clauses, word usage, and punctuation. 

Advanced Academic Writing:

All ALPS students will be writing short MLA research papers during the course of the year.

Reading Logs:

All ALPS students maintain an outside reading log every quarter. Our reading logs have two components. The first is a list of books and periodicals that have been read during the quarter. Books read as part of class are not listed. The second part of our logs is a reflection. Students write a brief essay about themselves as readers. What are they noticing about their reading habits? Students are to consider the material they are selecting, the time they spend reading, and how they feel about their outside reading. Logs are due NO LATER THAN October 8th, January 7th, March 4th, May 12th.
College of William & Mary Literature Units:

The Center for Gifted Education publishes many challenging literature units for gifted children.  Sixth graders will complete Autobiographies, while 7th graders will study Persuasion and Threads of Change in 19th Century America.  ALPS 8th graders delve into The 1940s:  A Decade of Change and Utopia.  Developed by Joyce Van Tassel-Baska, one of the pioneers in gifted education, these units focus on the skills now being called the Common Core Standards.

8th grade Summit Project:

The summit project is designed to give 8th graders the opportunity to produce an innovative, research-based project on a subject of particular interest to them. Students refine and enhance their research and presentation skills while delving into a topic of personal interest.  Projects may be completed independently or with a partner.