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Mrs. Patsavas

About Mrs. Patsavas

My name is Mrs. Tia Patsavas.  I have had the pleasure of teaching the children of Palos West school physical education since 1994.  I am a proud graduate of the University of Illinois, Urbana- Champaign.  I hold a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Applied Life Studies, and a Master’s degree from St. Xavier University in Teaching and Leadership.   I am a graduate of School District 118 and Carl Sandburg High School and have resided in the Palos area my entire life.


Philosophy of Teaching Physical Education

Since young children have a natural enthusiasm for movement, it is my goal as physical education teacher to have this natural enthusiasm become an educated enthusiasm for movement that will last a lifetime.  I accomplish this goal by providing engaging, meaningful and enjoyable movement experiences that teach children to become physically educated persons as described by the National Association of Sport and Physical Education.

My teaching experiences at the pre-school level and elementary school level have enabled me to become knowledgeable on child development.  My developmentally age appropriate lessons enrich learning in all domains and include a variety of teaching strategies and adaptations to meet the needs of the diverse learner.  I provide my students with opportunities to take ownership of their learning by allowing them to choose their own method to accomplish the learning outcome.  As a teacher of a performance class, I am sensitive to my students' concerns, and create a risk-free environment where strengths are celebrated and challenges addressed.  Healthy competition is presented in the form of a "challenge" where students are invited to challenge themselves by setting goals. Effort is highly valued in my class as is communication and cooperation.  I respect and understand the differences in children and never lose sight that first, I teach children and second, I teach physical education.  I develop a relationship with my students based on respect, compassion and cooperation. I feel a personal and professional responsibility to all of my students.