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Classroom Interventions
 Classroom Interventions


 A language arts intervention designed for small-group instruction.  Important components of the program include:  Scaffolded instruction, close reading exercises, respond to reading activities, opportunities for students to engage in collaborative conversations, differentiated foundational skills kit that focuses on phonics, fluency, and word recognition, weekly vocabulary, high frequency words, and engaging stories with differentiated comprehension activities.  There are also digital resources for the students to play games to review skills and to read the interactive stories online.

An online, interactive learning environment designed to assess students and then provide individualized instruction based on each student's unique learning needs.  Students can access this program at home to practice and share progress.

enVisionmath2.0 ©2016
Our classroom is using Envision Math 2.0 this year!  This Common Core Standards aligned program is engaging and fun for the students.  There are manipulatives to help extended learning experiences, digital lessons and extra practice, and opportunities for differentiation through small group reteaching.

Small group differentiated instruction to teach essential reading comprehension strategies.  The program uses a 5 day approach for each strategy.  Day 1 is modeled instruction, Day 2 is guided instruction, Day 3 is modeled practice, Day 4 is guided practice, and Day 5 is independent practice.  The 12 strategies include:  Finding the main idea, Recalling fact and details, Understanding sequence, Recognizing cause and effect, Comparing and contrasting, Making predictions, Finding word meanings in context, Drawing conclusions and making inferences, Distinguishing between fact and opinion, Identifying author's purpose, Interpreting figurative language, and Summarizing.

Small group differentiated instruction to teach critical math concepts and skills.  The program uses a 5 day approach for each strategy.  Days 1, 2, 3, and 4 all have modeled and guided instruction, and Day 5 has independent practice.  Instructional support and student problem-solving experience is scaffolded.  This helps build student confidence and proficiency within the different concepts.


An individualized fluency intervention to build student's reading fluency-which is essential for text comprehension.  This program builds fluency through teacher and peer interactive, repeated reading of high-interest leveled reading passages.  Daily feedback is provided for students to take the steps to reading their fluency goal.