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The visual art department is a discipline based art program.  That is to say that the students will experience more than just studio time in the art room.  We will cover aesthetics, history, criticism and studio work.  The idea is to create well rounded art students that are able to appreciate a variety of art forms.  We want our students to be able to articulate their thoughts on the various arts that they encounter. 

Most units will begin with a discourse on a particular type, form, artist, or time period in the art world.  The students will be given the opportunity to create a piece of art that emulates or reflects the discussion.  Upon completion of the studio portion of the unit, the students will engage in a self assessment of their work.  These assessments will incorporate not only the quality of the work but also the individual effort that the student has put into the project. Finally, many of the units will close with either an individual or group critique of the work. 

At the sixth grade level the students will focus on the formal elements and principles or art.  They will engage in projects that focus on the five elements of art.  The focus will be to open their minds to various artists and art forms and to become comfortable with creating art.

At the seventh grade level the students will be exposed to more art history as well as the technical aspects of creating quality artwork.  These students will spend time in many of their units reading and writing about the artists and art periods that they study.  At this level we will incorporate more group critiques of their work.

At the eighth grade level the units become slightly more involved.  We combine higher levels of studio difficulty with higher levels of thinking and discourse.  The time of the units may vary from a few days to many weeks.  The students continue to assess their own work and the critiques encompass almost every unit.

The individual units that are covered and the types of studio projects may vary from year to year, or semester to semester.  The idea behind this is to keep the program, the students and myself fresh.  These units that the students experience at every level are designed to stimulate some of the possibly less artistically inclined as well as challenge the more artistically prolific students.  Since most of the grade is based on effort, focus and participation in the art room, we hope to provide a comfortable environment to create and explore art.  We hope to provide a very enjoyable experience for the students when they come to the art room.