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The District 118 Fine Arts Philosophy

The District 118 Fine Arts Philosophy

The arts are our first means of communication.  They link image, movement, or sound to thought.  They provide an effective universal means of communicating ideas, concepts and meaning through the process of problem solving.  School District 188’s Fine Arts Program conveys the importance of the Arts and stresses the contribution it makes to the total development of the child.  Through the fine arts a student develops sensitivity, creativity, expression of emotion and a greater sense of self esteem.  It allows for higher level thinking, a greater ability to articulate as well as strengthening problem solving abilities, helping to develop the whole child.  This process requires not only an active mind but a trained mind.

The Visual Arts

The Discipline – Based art Curriculum implemented in our district introduces content from the four disciplines (aesthetics, history, production and criticism) which will provide an interdisciplinary, cross-curricular study of the humanities while guiding the students toward perceptual awareness.  This form of study will improve articulation and expression of thoughts as well as develop critical thinking skills and a deeper appreciation of the arts.