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Ancient Egypt Pharaoh PowerPoints





 King Tut




Ancient Egypt Museum
Click here to view the 2016 Ancient Egypt Artifact Museum
Click "Present" in the top right to navigate through the museum.
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Ecosystem Invaders

Cane Toad Traps
Trap 1: Box Trap
Improvements by Patrick, Kotryna & Lucy
Trap 2: Cup Trap
Improvements By Amanda, Isabella & Erika 
Trap 3: Net Trap
Improvements by Lyra, Broderick & Charlie
Trap 4: Pen Trap
Improvements by Mia, Luke & Ava

Invasive Species PowerPoint Presentation
 Africanized Honey Bee Air Potato Asian Swamp Eel Brown Tree Snake
European Starling Japanese Weatherfish Kudzu Lionfish
Mute Swan Nutria Purple Loosestrife Tegu Lizard

Virtual Biomes



 Coral Reef

Alpine Tundra