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7th Grade Reading and English

Welcome to seventh grade reading and English! It is my hope that you ALL succeed in this class and accomplish the goals that you and I have for this year.  My main objective is to create a secure, comfortable learning environment in which each of you are able to freely participate in every aspect of daily classroom activities and instruction.  While I will do all that I can to help you, your commitment is required to make learning possible. It is your responsibility to work hard and take pride in your own individual work.  Most importantly, come to me for help whenever necessary.  Do not be shy about this!  I look forward to a wonderful year with you.

Daily Materials

  • 1 ½ - 2 inch binder with 5 divider tabs- Phenomena, Reading, English, Vocab,  Reading Logs
  • 1 composition notebook 
  • Loose –leaf paper in the binder
  • Pencil case with pencils, blue or black pens, red pens, highlighter, glue stick, scissors, and coloring supplies
  • Assignment notebook
  • Independent Reading book
  • Book covers on textbooks

Student Responsibilities

  • Respect yourself and others
  • Be on time to class
  • Be prepared at the beginning of class
  • Turn assignments in on time
  • Keep all work properly organized in binder
  • Check for missing assignments when absent
  • Raise your hand before talking

Assignments: Homework will be assigned regularly and is to be completed for the next class unless instructed otherwise. Students may receive full or half credit for assignments. Full credit is given for assignments that are 100% complete, directions are followed and are completed with a high degree of accuracy. Half credit is given when most of the assignment is completed and it appears the directions have been followed.

Absences and Makeup Work: Students who are absent from class have one (1) day plus the number of any additional days missed to complete make-up work. It is expected that you will check with the teacher for assignments when you are absent. It is your responsibility to turn in make-up work on the due date to receive credit. Any tests or quizzes missed need to be taken immediately following the absence.

Late Work: Assignments turned in 1 day late will receive half credit. Assignments turned in after that will receive a zero. All late assignments are still expected to be completed.