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aug08_folder1.png Home Folders

Your child will bring a folder home each day. Please remove and review the contents daily, which may include new homework and important notes. Return the folder to school the following day along with any completed homework or notes.  

Corrected work and newsletters will come home at the week's end.

aug09_girl3.png Dismissal

Please call, write, or email both me AND the office
if there are any changes in your child’s regular dismissal.  

If a change occurs suddenly, please call the office at 448-6888 and they will contact me.
 I have limited access to email after 12:00.

m10_welcome.png Snacks

Each morning we will have a snack at approximately 10:00 a.m.
Please send in
one nutritious snack that can be eaten within about 5-10 minutes. Keep it separate from your child’s lunch, so that they know what it is.

Please do not send in a drink for snack time. However, students are welcome to bring a water bottle to the classroom.  Additionally, children will be allowed to get a drink of water during snack time.

1st grade classrooms are NUT FREE in order to help provide a safe environment for all students. (NOTE - students MAY still have peanut products at lunch time.)

 Fruits and vegetables are strongly encouraged.

Thank you for caring!

may08_ballooon2.png Birthdays

We will make sure your child feels special on their birthday. All students will receive a birthday pencil and crown, a special class serenade, and a photograph on our timeline. In addition they will have their birthday announced over the intercom during the morning announcements. 

kids1.gif Behavior 

Our Room 14 Rule:  
Help Each Other

When we help each other, we all succeed and grow!

Making Good Choices by ...
Being helpful, friendly, and safe Listening while others are talking
Following directions
Raising your hand when ready to speak
Keeping your body and things to your own space
Respecting people, places, and things

verbal praise
warm fuzzy in the bucket
Palos West Pride Catcher
Bucket fFller note to the office
sticker, stamp, smiley
note home


I use a color-coded stoplight system that provides
visual cueing for the students.

Everyone begins the day on green.

First reminder
verbal reminder to think about making good choices

Second reminder
moving a popsicle stick as a reminder

Third reminder
moving card to yellow light and
a contact with family via note or email

Fourth reminder
moving card to red,
child moves away from the group for 15 minutes,
contact will be made with the family via phone call. 
Principal will informed and may become directly involved.

If you ever have any questions, please call me or send me an email.
I appreciate your support!!!