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Classroom Information
Classroom Information

Our Classroom Motto is...

The children in room 28 try very hard to be a positive part of the classroom by following the rules. However, if a child chooses not to follow the classroom rules, certain consequences will result. At the beginning of each day, all children begin on “green light”. One warning is issued for inappropriate behavior. On the second warning, the student’s marker will be moved to “yellow light”. During recess, the student will stay in and discuss his/her behavior with me and discuss better choices and/or fill out a behavior journal. If the student begins to demonstrate better choices, their marker may be moved back up to green.  Students can also have their marker moved higher to blue and purple with exceptional positive behavior. However, if inappropriate behavior continues and the child remains on "red light", this will result in missing an additional recess and I will call the parent/guardian to discuss the issue. A point system will be kept and accounted for everyday. Green is worth 1, blue is worth 2, and purple is worth 3 points. These points will be tallied for the month.  Rewards will be given at the end of the month to the top 5 students. Those students will participate in the school's PBIS and in our room. This maybe lunch with the teacher, homework passes, or other positive rewards. 

If the system described above is not effective for your child, an individualized behavior plan will be created to target specific behaviors.

Classroom Procedures

Each day, your child will bring home his/her expandable. Along with their expandable, your child will have their assignment notebook and possibly a colored folder. The assignment notebook will have any homework assignments and/or special reminders for the day. Assignment notebooks must be signed daily! Please look through your child’s expandable and assignment book nightly and return them to school with your child each day. The expandable will contain papers the students are currently working on and papers that should stay home.

The spelling packet should stay in the expandable all week. It will be collected on Fridays. The reading/math log should be kept in the take home folder. Students will turn these in on Monday of each week.

Homework Policy

*Read each night for at least 20 minutes, recording the minutes on the reading log.

*Practice math facts nightly, recording the minutes on the math log.

*Nightly spelling assignments.

*Additional assignments as necessary.

Procedures have changed!!
Daily: 12:10-12:30 (this time includes recess). A hot lunch with milk may be purchased for  Salad bar is available every day, unless specified on the monthly lunch menu.

On your child’s birthday, he/she will be honored with a song and reward. Students may bring a gift to keep in our class such as a board game or puzzle for use during indoor recess. The birthday student may also bring in a small present for each member of the class to keep such as pencils, erasers, small trinkets, etc.   Please remember our school policy does not allow food to be brought for celebrations.  

Highlights of Curricular Areas

Language Arts & Reading: This is District 118's third year using the reading series by McGraw-Hill called, "Wonders". This program is SmartBoard interactive and is aligned with our new national Common Core Standards. This program is designed to balance instruction in the following areas:

*Word knowledge (spelling, phonics, sight words and vocabulary)




Math: Envisions!  A new math program.

Social Studies:
The primary purpose of Social Studies is to help students to make informed and responsible decisions about themselves and the public good. The following topics will be covered:

United States Thirteen Colonies
Maps and Globes

Science: We will be implementing the very new Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM Scopes) curriculum this year.  Theses national standards are new this year. They are rich in content and practice.  

Some topics to be covered:

Earth's Systems

If you have any questions, please contact me at Palos East School at 708.761.3561 or via e mail at