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Jolly Phonics
Hello Parents! Jolly Phonics is an awesome program that we use here in District 118 to teach children the SOUNDS that the letters represent. Research has shown that memorizing letter names does not really teach children to read. While it's a great skill to be able to label a letter with it's name, it's the sound that is really the most important. Jolly Phonics teaches letters in the order that they are most used. For example, the first 6 letters are s, a, t, i, p and n. After the children know these six letter sounds, they can start mixing them up and making words! At the Pre-K level, some children will just remember the action and song that goes with the letter- but that's enough for now! The kids will see this again in Kindergarten!!

Click here for a book that I made. This will show YOU how to make the action! Sometimes it's tricky. :)
It's great to review with kids too! You can download this file and print it out!