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Weather Detectives
Weather Detective
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American Meteorological Society

California Regional Weather Server

Dan's Wild Weather Page: an interactive website about the weather that is designed for students

The Earth from Space: The site listed specifically talks about the weather

Fox Weather

The National Hurricane Center

The National Severe Storms Laboratory: Weather Room

National Weather Service: provides information about weather that has occurred over the last 24 hours, international weather, weather maps, etc.

Nick Walker, The Weather Dude: a weather education site for students, parents and teachers

Penn State University Weather Pages - links for students

Project Atmosphere On Line

Storm Chaser's Home Page

Texas Severe Storms Association

USA Today's Weather Link

Weather Basic Graphics by Jack Williams of USA Today Weather. This site illustrates a wide variety of weather patterns and phenomena.

The Weather Channel Website: provides current weather conditions for every state and major city

Weather Net

The Weather Scientist Hotlist

The Weather Underground

Weather Wise