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Genre Program

Genre Program

This year your child will be required to read at least 8 books outside of our classroom novels:        

  • 1st Quarter-2 books
  • 2nd Quarter-2 books
  • 3rd Quarter-2 books
  • 4th Quarter-2 books

Eight is the minimum number of books to be read this year. Each book needs to be at least your child’s instructional reading level, usually 5th grade or higher. Each book needs to be around 100 pages, with the exception of the biography. Books turned into movies and read alouds are not acceptable.

Books read before this year are not acceptable.

Books need to be approved by Mrs. Casey! 

The books are divided into the following genres based on the quarters below:

                  1st Quarter (2 books total)                                           Activities                                        Due dates

  •        Biography or Autobiography                                          Poster                                              9/23
  •              Fantasy Fiction                                             Book in a Bag Book Talk                          10/20


                2nd Quarter (2 books total)                                          Activities

  •         Mystery Fiction                                                        Story Map                                          11/18   
  •         Non-Fiction                                                         Non-Fiction Form                                     1/13


               3rd Quarter (2 books total)                                          Activities

  •        Bluestem Book                                                    To be determined                                    2/10
  •        Adventure Fiction                                                    Story Wheel                                         3/17


              4th Quarter (2 books total)                                           Activities

  •       Humorous Fiction                                                     Story Map                                            4/28
  •       Choice: Sports Fiction


               Historical Fiction                                     Book in a Bag Book Talk                          5/19

These books are to be read at home and during silent reading at school. Therefore, each child needs to bring their current book selection back and forth from home to school each day.  During silent reading time, I will be periodically checking on each student’s progress and comprehension with his/her chosen book. At home, your child must read at least 20 minutes per night as part of their Reading Log. Genre Program Books count towards the reading log.

After reading each book, your child will be required to complete a genre activity. The class will receive further explanation on how to complete these activities, and I will also show them how to do a Book Talk. The Genre Program does count as part of the reading grade and effort grade. Students will be graded on the number of books read and the quality of each assignment completed.

The purpose of this program is for each child to read quality literature that he/she is interested in. This Genre program guarantees that your child will be exposed to many different genres before heading to South! 

Thank you for your support. Please keep reminding your child to stay on course with the Genre Program!  Help prevent procrastination! 

See you at the Academy Awards for Books on May 25th!