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In this class, students will develop their knowledge and skills with writing, reading, speaking, and listening. They will learn how to think critically to solve problems using these skills. Students will frequently work in groups in order to learn from one another and hone the communication and literacy skills that will be vital to them in their future endeavors. In order to create this productive learning environment, I have a set of classroom expectations that are to be followed by all students at all times:

1. Be respectful of your teacher, your peers, and yourself
2. Complete all work to the best of your ability
3. Always be honest
4. Come to class ready to learn and prepared with all materials
5. NEVER talk when someone else has the floor


- Verbal or Visual Warning
- Teacher/Student meeting to discuss the issue and possible solutions
- Phone Call Home
- In the unlikely event that an issue persists beyond this point, an appropriate referral with be enforced


- Constant in-class positive reinforcement
- Cardinal Cash
- Positive letter or phone call home


Homework will regularly be assigned and is expected to be completed for the next school day unless otherwise noted. Full credit will be given to completed assignments in which all directions were followed and questions were answered with a high degree of accuracy. Partial credit will be given to those assignments that are nearly complete and the following of directions was attempted. Late assignments cannot be accepted for full credit unless the student was absent. Assignments turned in one day late can receive half credit. Homework turned in more than one day late will not receive credit but is still expected to be completed.

Grading Scale:

A- 100-90%
B- 89-80%
C- 79-70%
D- 69-60%
F- Below 60%


Grades will be based on participation, tests/quizzes, outside reading, completed homework, and projects. Participation grades include involvement in class activities, completeness of journal/bell ringer assignments, and overall ability to follow classroom expectations. Active participation is expected from all students in order to ensure the development of their literacy skills.


Binder with pockets (1 1/2 or 2 inches)
5 binder tab dividers
Loose leaf paper
2 subject spiral notebook
Highlighters (at least 3 different colors)
Red Pen
Index cards
Silent reading book