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Classroom Information

There are many exciting units in Language Arts.  
Historical fiction
Science fiction

We will be focusing on all 3 styles of writing:

Every student will improve their skills in public speaking and persuasive language.
We will cover reading strategies and what a reader should be aware of when they are reading different texts. 
Spelling will
The PRENTICE HALL LITERATURE SERIES will be used, as well as various novels.  There is an online version available for Prentice Hall.

English Classes
Spelling- There will be spelling each week. 

Reading Classes
Vocabulary-Students will have vocabulary each day.  They will receive ten words a week.  The vocabulary test will be every Friday.
Book Reports-Every quarter the students are required to complete a book report.  Guidelines will be given in advance to the due date.


Classroom Rules

Be respectful to teachers and students.
Be responsible for your own learning.
Think before you act.  What you want to do, may not be what you want to happen.
Follow directions the first time.
No gum or food in the classroom.

Materials Needed for class

Binder with pockets (1 1/2 or 2 inches)
5 binder tab dividers
Loose leaf paper
2 subject spiral notebook
Highlighters (at least 3 different colors)
Pens (Red and either blue or black)
Index cards
Silent reading book 


The students are responsible to write homework in assignment notebook at the beginning of class.  On average, there is usually some type of Language Arts homework every night.  Homework reinforces what we have learned in class and will be our starting point for the following day. 
Homework will be checked and corrected together.  Other times, homework will be corrected by the teacher and taken for a grade.

Late Work

Assignments are to be turned the day they are due.  Late assignments cannot be accepted for full credit unless the child was absent or a parent note.  Homework is expected to be done to avoid infractions.

F="59" or below