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Student Expectations

I look forward to seeing my students’ bright and smiling faces at the beginning of each school day—please make sure that your student arrives at school on time and ready to learn!

Homework Policy

There will generally be two or three homework assignments each night.  Homework is meant to be a reinforcement tool and should not exceed 50 minutes.  Students will record all homework in their assignment notebooks at the end of each day. (Assignments will also be available on the Palos 118 website.) Please check and sign your student’s assignment notebook each day.

I will check in homework each morning. The students will receive a Homework Club card at the start of the school year. Students who forget to bring in their homework may use their Homework Club card to receive one extra day on the assignment. The Homework Club card can be used once each month. If an assignment is missing and the student already used the Homework Club card that month, he or she will receive a homework notice for you to sign.  Homework is expected to be completed and turned in the following day, unless otherwise specified. If your student is struggling with work at home, please contact me.  

Behavior Policy

Students should remember that it is extremely important to demonstrate respectful behavior throughout the school day.  In our class, students can earn individual and class rewards for positive behavior. When a student is observed modeling exemplary behavior, he or she earns a ticket for a weekly prize raffle. Whole class rewards are also earned by adding to the “Pom Pom Prize Basket” each time the group displays outstanding conduct.

I believe in the importance of students taking responsibility for their actions. To that end, there is a card system in our classroom that tracks student behavior. There are four different colored cards for each student. Green means excellent behavior, yellow is a warning, orange means a note will be sent to home to the parent, and pink results in a report to the office and loss of recess.  If there is a concern regarding your child's behavior, there will be consequences and I will contact you.  

Grading Scale

The grading scale for fifth grade is as follows:

A:  93-100

A-: 90-92

B+: 88-89

B:   83-87

B-: 80-82

C+: 78-79

C:   73-77

C-: 70-72

D+: 68-69

D:   63-67

D-:  60-62

F:    0-59

Students will also be graded on a separate effort scale.

Friday Folders

Friday Folders will be sent home every Friday with assignments that are finished and graded.  Please sign the sheet on the appropriate date and return the folder on Monday.  If an assignment or test should have a CR on it, your student should make corrections on a
separate sheet of paper and attach it to the assignment. Please sign the assignment and place it back in the folder. 


Every morning, we will take a short break. During this time, I will read a novel aloud to the students while they eat their snacks. Please send a healthy snack with your child--fruit, yogurt, crackers, pretzels, and veggie sticks are just a few of the tasty (and healthy) options out there! (Chips, candy, and other unhealthy treats are not permitted.)

Birthday Treats

Birthday treats are not allowed in Palos School District 118, although we will be sure to recognize the birthday boy or birthday girl in class! :)

Please feel free to contact me at with any questions or concerns. I am looking forward to a fun and productive school year with your student!