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I will be working across grade levels with many different teachers. Please refer to the webpage of your child's homeroom teacher for information on homework assignments.
 However here are tips that can help families support their child's academic
 progress on a daily basis: 
  • Establish a reading time with or without adult support for 20 minutes daily.
  • Visit local libraries frequently and check out a variety of books (non-fiction, graphic novels, joke books, etc.)
  • Ask your child to tell you about what they read or to describe a specific character from a book. 
  • Practice simple math word problems while driving in the car or shopping at the grocery store (i.e., "We need five apples but I only have two. How many more apples do I need?")
  • Encourage your child to explain their thinking that they used solve a math problem. 
  • Play games with your family that require your child to match numbers, count spaces, or create patterns.