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5th Grade Curriculum

Reading: Fifth grade uses the Wonders series to expose students to the following genres: historical fiction, fantasy, adventure, biographies, dramas, nonfiction, realistic fiction, poetry, and narrative fiction. There are many skills embedded into the program: vocabulary, decoding words using context clues, utilizing glossaries, dictionaries, thesauruses, setting a purpose for reading, identifying main idea and supporting details, drawing conclusions and making predictions, sequencing story events, summarizing, making generalizations, using tables, maps, charts, and identifying elements of plot.

Math: Fifth grade students will begin using the enVision Math 2.0 series this year. The program is aligned to the Common Core State Standards and uses many 21st century skills to get our students ready for middle school. The following topics will be covered: number concepts & skills, fractions, decimals, percent, ratio, proportion, measurement, algebraic concepts, geometric concepts, and data, collection, and analysis.

Language Arts & Writing: Fifth graders use the Pearson series to express themselves through writing. Students will practice using correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and structure when writing. We will practice the writing process by editing, revising, and peer conferencing prior to completing a final published work. Their writing will reflect many genres: narrative, expository, persuasive, poetry, journal, and research. In addition to writing, we will demonstrate respectful listening skills during oral presentations and discussion groups. Critical listening will be a focus as students work on following directions and recalling information. Finally, students will develop their speaking ability by focusing on enunciating, articulating, fluency, expression, and volume.

Science: We will continue using the STEMscopes curriculum. We will focus closely on the following units: gravity, energy, Earth systems, objects in space, water, and the human footprint.

Spelling: Fifth grade students will improve their spelling through written work, tests, and homework assignments. Special attention will be places on frequently misspelled words, spelling patterns, and rules.

Social Studies: Using the TCI program, we will learn, study, and discuss exploration, colonization, and the American Revolution.