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General Classroom Information
Classroom Rules: As part of our Positive Behavioral Supports (PBIS) program, Palos East has created a matrix in which examples of good behavior are given. We want our students to be respectful, responsible, honest and compassionate. I have listed the ways in which the students can exhibit the behavior that is expected in the classroom below.

  1. Students will be respectful by being a good listener, raising their hands quietly and using quiet voices.
  2. Students will be responsible by coming to school prepared, doing their work and participating in class.
  3. Students will be honest by keeping their eyes on their own work and by admitting mistakes and wrongdoings.
  4. Students will be compassionate by using kind words, sharing with others and helping one another.

Rewards for Good Behavior: Various choice options will be made available for students

Consequences for Poor Behavior:
The students will use a card system in which they will keep track of their behavior.  Students begin in the green zone to show they are having a good day and following rules. If a student does not follow rules or isn't demonstrating good conduct they will be asked to flip his or her card to the to the yellow zone. If a student continues to misbehave they will then move his or her name to the red area. If this happens contact is made home through an e-mail.

When a student has done something excellent that deserves noting they will receive a character coupon.  For example, using caring and polite manners, or helping someone in need. Character coupons will be entered in a classroom and a whole school raffle.

Homework Policy: Students will be given homework daily. Every night they will have their assignments written in their assignment notebook. Please go over the homework with your child every night and if you have any concerns regarding the content, please let me know. In addition, I ask that you initial your child’s homework notebook each night once your student has completed all homework assignments. Throughout the year, students will also be completing projects related to what we are learning. Information will be sent home for these projects and I ask that you please help your student with the project and make sure the project is turned in by the due date.

Snacks: Please send healthy snacks with your child whenever possible. During snack time, the students will be listening to a read aloud or if we have not completed our lesson, we will “eat while we work.” I discourage drinks or beverages during snack time. The children will be allowed to get drinks throughout the  day.

Water bottles:
To avoid spills, and there are many, please try and send your child with a bottle that has a mouth piece that can be pushed open or shut. The spills damage books, papers, and take away from learning time due to the clean-up.  Bottles should not be sent to school filled as they sometimes open in back packs.

Reading logs:                                                                                                  
Students in grade 4 are expected to read a minimum of 20 minutes a night, 5 nights per week. The students can read any media of their choice: books, magazines, our weekly reading selection, newspapers, etc. At the beginning of each month a calendar will be sent home. The reading log is due on the date indicated. Please do not sign the reading log if your child is not reading. First, it sends the wrong message. Second, it teaches your child responsibility for his/her accountability. I am aware some students do not like to read, and rewarding them for something they are not doing is wrong. We will find another way to encourage and support non-readers.  

If a reading log is ever lost or misplaced, I will happily accept a note from home indicating that your child did read each evening! Children that turn in a reading log receive a reward and are eligible for a 'special' prize.
Weekly Reports
Students will be sent home with a packet of all of their graded assignments from the week on most Fridays. Please be sure to go through the corrected work with your student, as there may be an opportunity for them to correct and return something. Please sign the weekly report form and send it back with your student. This alerts me to know you have reviewed their work. There is a comment section on the report to further communication as well. :)

In accordance with District 118’s student wellness initiative both edible and inedible treats are no longer permitted to help celebrate students’ birthdays. Each student will be recognized in class for his or her special day. Additionally, we cannot pass out small gifts or birthday tokens. If you would like to donate a book to our classroom in honor of his/her day, I can read it aloud to all my students.

* If your child is planning a party outside of school, please do not bring invitations to pass out at school unless every boy or every girl (respectively) in the class is invited. This avoids hurt feelings and keeps unity in our classroom. Invitations to select students can be sent to the child’s home.

If you need to contact me for ANY reason please do not hesitate to email me at: