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What you can expect from sixth grade ELA or Social Studies this year...

Classroom Procedures

Attitude and Etiquettes

·         When you show up to class with a negative attitude, your negativity, affects those around you.  With that being said, be happy, and be ready to learn!

·         Remember YOU are responsible for your own successes and failures; the teacher’s role is to guide your learning.

·         Act appropriately at all times.  PSMS discipline code will be followed including  the intolerance of inappropriate clothing, abusive and/or discriminatory language and tardiness.

·         Class time requires talking and listening for educational purposes.  Be respectfully quiet of your teacher and your classmates while they are talking.  Practice good listening skills.  Bonus fact: listen and silent have all the same letters.

·         Make smart choices.  Really think about what you are about to say or do before following through.  Think about the outcome and your consequences.

·         All work must be in your own words.  Any attempt at plagiarism, copying, and/or cheating will result in a zero for the assignment. 


It is expected that you attend class every day.  I understand that sicknesses, appointments, and life happens.  It is expected that you check the online calendar to see what you missed.  When you return to class, you can pick up any sort of worksheet or handouts.  Any sort of extra notes that you missed, you may get from your absent work partner assigned to you at the beginning of the year.  You will be given one day for every day of an excused absence to make up an assignment.  Should you have missed a test or quiz, you must schedule a time before or after school to make-up the exam. 


Grade Scale


100% - 90%


89% - 80%


79% - 70%


69% - 60%


59% - 0%

Grades are based on total points. 

Homework & Due Dates

Homework is a compound word meaning work that is done at home.  It is expected that you complete and turn in all assignments at the beginning of the class on the day that it is due to the designated “inbox.”  Remember, even if you are absent you will be given the same amount of days that you were absent to make up the work.  When a due date is given to you, it is your responsibility to write it in your assignment notebook. 


Middle School is different than elementary school.  This year you will have to be responsible and study for your tests.  You may not have had to study last year (or ever!), but this year will be much different.  Throughout the year, I will be presenting different study techniques.  I can give you the materials and suggestions, but ultimately you are responsible for your own study habits.  It is imperative that you study for all upcoming quizzes, tests, and exams.  You will be given ample time to study for major exams.  Rarely, you may be given a pop quiz on homework reading assignments.  The very first way to start a path toward great study habits is to hold on to all assignments, homework, and classwork to review for the quiz/test/exam.  Be sure to stay organized!  You can do this by keeping all work in one folder, using one notebook to keep track of all notes, and using your planner to keep track of upcoming exams and due dates.

Student Responsibilities and Expectations

I can expect students to:

·         Take care of all business before or after class.

·         Ask questions when you don’t understand.

·         Bring all materials for class.

·         Come to class with a positive attitude.

·         Be on task.

Teacher Responsibilities and Expectations:

You can expect me to:

·         Have before and after school hours to help you.

·         Provide clear directions for all assignments.

·         Inform students of upcoming major tests/exams – giving adequate time to study.

·         Promptly turn back completed assignments.

·         Return phone calls or emails within 24 – 28 hours after receiving them.