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 August 2016


Dear Parents and Students,

     I am very excited for the school year to start. We are going to a have a very successful year. The purpose of this letter is to provide you with classroom procedures and expectations.

     We have several wonderful paraprofessionals that may be working with your child during the day. Our paraprofessionals this year are: Chris Ahern, Lanette Covarrubias, Michelle Heimerdinger, Elisse Kinney, and Nancy LaPapa. We are lucky to have them in our classroom this year!

Classroom Information and Expectations:

E-mail : plynch@palos118 .org

Phone number: (708) 761-3835

Classroom: 34

-   Subject Areas: Your child will be spending their day in a variety of environments. Part of their day will be spent learning in my classroom and other parts of the day will be spent in their general education rooms. These times and learning environments are individually scheduled according to each child’s I.E.P. Both curriculum and I.E.P. goals will be taught across environments throughout the day.

-  Classroom Rules:

1.  Be a good listener

2.  Follow directions

3.  Use kind words

4.  Raise your hand to speak


-  Stop Light System: I use a color-coded stoplight system that provides visual cueing for the students. Everyone begins the day on green. 1st reminder- verbal reminder to make good choices. 2nd reminder- students move their name to yellow. 3rd reminder- students move their name to red. If a student is on red, they move away from the group for ten minutes. Then, I will contact the family. Students can always move up from a color with improved behavior.


-  Our classroom has a positive behavior plan in place. The students are earning marbles to fill a marble jar. Once the marble jar is filled the children will vote on a reward. Each child has a marble sheet in their folder at school. When they earn a marble they color one in on their paper.

 -  Other classroom celebrations include: verbal praise, pride catchers, bucket fillers, stickers, stamps, or a note home.



-  Daily Folders: Students may bring “daily folders” home each day. These folders may contain homework, school notes, or a book to read. Please return “daily folder” the next day.

-  All homework is listed on my website. Please make sure to check assignments notebooks each day if your child is in second grade.

 -  Red Friday Folder: Red Friday Folders will be sent home on the last day of the week with any completed/graded work from the week. Please make sure your child returns folder on Monday.

-  Newsletters: Newsletters will be sent home in Red Friday Folder and also uploaded onto our classroom website. The newsletters contain the skills we will be covering in class.


-  Snack: Please send a peanut/nut free snack to school with your child each day.

         My goal for this year is to have a fun, engaging, and collaborative learning experience. I am looking forward to a wonderful year!

     Mrs. Lynch