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About Us
Creation of the Foundation
The Palos 118 Educational Foundation was incorporated for the sole purpose of raising funds for the exclusive, specific, and explicit benefit of the students of Palos East, Palos West, and Palos South schools. With the help of the school district, the foundation selects unfunded school projects. The Foundation works through fundraisers, corporate and private contributions, and state and local government support.

Raising Money
District 118 relies on federal, state, and local funding to pay for its programs. Like most school districts across Illinois, income from federal and state governments has dwindled. The foundation's goal is to provide monetary support for the creation of exceptional schools.

Dedicated to F.U.N. - Funding Unfunded Needs
That was the vision of the foundation's founding members in 1998, who through their tireless efforts laid much of the groundwork for this organization. The foundation's past projects have included the renovation of the Palos South Media Center and the new playgrounds at Palos East and West.

Our annual event, Laps for Literature, generates continuous funding for the libraries at each of the three schools. You can also look for us at the Back to School Picnic, hosting games and activities. The Foundation welcomes your support and assistance on these projects. We look to the community in the form of: attendance, sponsorship, funding, donations, grant writing, corporate contributions, committee work, resources, and any talent, time or skill you could provide. We can all be proud of our children's achievements, and our District's high standards. Strong schools are, in part, possible through commitment from the community. Please be a part of this exciting endeavor.
Mission Statement
The Palos 118 Educational Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the support and enhancement of superior educational opportunities for the students for Palos Community School District 118.

The Foundation is an advocate of excellence in public education through long-term community partnerships and resources.

The Foundation strives to expand the educational missions of the district by providing financing beyond the means of conventional public funding and by fostering long-term community partnerships.

F.U.N. Funding Unfunded Needs