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Classroom Information

The answers to all the little questions
about our classroom schedules and procedures…

"Take Home" Folders

In your child's book bag, there is a "Take Home" folder. Please look through it daily, as it contains important handouts/notes, a spelling packet, a math practice page and a yellow Reading Log.

Homework is checked in each day do please be sure to return it to the folder.

On some Fridays, it will contain the "Room 18 Newsletter," which keeps you updated on our classroom activities over the past week and will inform you of upcoming events.

On Friday it will also have a paper clipped packet which will contain samples of your child’s daily work and weekly assessments, which are yours to keep.


Palos West Homework Policy (for the second grade):

-Independent Reading 15 min/night /5 times a week (MINIMUM!)

with nightly Reading Log entries

-Spelling (Monday through Thursday night)

-Math Practice (Monday through Thursday night)

  *I ask that you do the following each night to ensure that assigned homework is completed:

1. Ask to see your child's Assignment Book.

2. Read the nightly assignments.

3. Provide assistance to your child when necessary.

4. Check to see that assignments are completed (correctly) and returned to the take-home folder.

5. Ask your child for any notes brought home in take-home folders.

6. Return take-home folder to school bag.

Your child will earn a punch on their Homework Card each time they return their assignments on time.  There are a number of extra credit opportunities as well.  Once your child fills his or her card, they will receive a “Homework Pass.”  This can be used on any night you choose and includes all assignments except studying for Friday's tests. 

Assignment Alert!

If an assignment is not turned in on time and no other arrangement has been made, the student will stay in for recess to complete an "Assignment Alert" form and any missing work. The "Assignment Alert" is used to let you know what assignment(s) is/are missing. It should be signed and returned to school the next day. If for some reason your child cannot complete an assignment and you are aware of this (i.e. felt sick, stayed at grandma's house too long), simply write me a note.
Then, your child will not have to fill out an assignment alert.

Classroom Rules

1.  Follow directions the first time.

2.  Raise your hand if you have something to say.

3.  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

4.  Work quietly in your seat.

5.  Silence is expected when lining up and while in the halls.

If your child chooses to follow our class rules, he/she will stay on the GREEN LIGHT.  In addition, Character Coupons will be awarded to those students who exhibit behaviors demonstrating our Character Code of “Honesty,” “Respect,” and “Responsibility.”  Each month, I will draw coupons to determine our classroom winners.  These winners will participate in an all-school/grade level reward (for example: extra recess, build a snowman, lunch with the principal).
I will also pick 5 tickets for a classroom reward on Fridays.

If, however, your child does not follow the class rules on a given day, certain consequences will result.  After a warning, your child will lose one recess.  During recess, he/she will fill out a YELLOW LIGHT TICKET.  Please discuss the problem/behavior on the ticket with your child at home at home.  This ticket needs to be signed by you and returned the next day.

If behavior continues or a more serious behavior violation occurs, an Office Referral will be issued.  You may receive a phone call from either me or one of our principals.  Your child will then receive a RED LIGHT TICKET as a follow up to reflect on his or her behavior.  Please sign and return both the referral and Red Light Ticket the following day.


*Your child will be going outside (weather permitting) each day. PLEASE DRESS ACCORDINGLY!!! There is a morning recess five times a week and one each day at lunch.

Water Bottles

Feel free to send a water bottle to school with your child each day. We will keep it on our desk/in our cubby to drink throughout the day, especially in the warm weather.

A clean sock can be put around the bottle to avoid getting our desks wet.

Contacting Mrs. Tiernan

You can call our classroom directly and leave a voice message during school hours at 708-761-3828.  Our regular school phone number is 448-6888.  You can also email me any time of the day at

 I will try to check email during breaks, specials, recesses and lunch on most days.


Birthday treats are not permitted in school.  Please do not send individual gifts to hand out to the class.  We will sing to your child on his or her birthday and do our best to make them feel special.   Your child is also welcome to read a favorite book out loud to our class.

Birthday invitations may be handed out in class if you are either inviting the entire class or all of the same-sex children as your child.  Otherwise you will need to distribute them on your own.