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Classroom Information
Class Materials -

The following materials must be brought to class daily:

          1.  Pencils
          2.  Calculator           
          3.  Textbook with book cover

          4.  Assignment notebook
          5.  Math binder:
                - loose leaf paper & notebook
          6.   Red pen

 - Assignments - 

    Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday.  Usually students will not receive homework on the weekends.  All assignments will be posted on a calendar in the classroom for students who are absent.  Assignments will be due the next day at the beginning of class unless otherwise noted.  Homework assignments covering new material will typically be graded based on effort.   Homework assignments reinforcing review material will be given a letter grade based on correct answers. Assignments turned in one day late will receive 50% credit. 

- Extra Credit -

Extra credit is offered weekly and can be found at New problems are posted every Monday morning and the problems are due by Friday.  Please encourage your family to help you with the weekly problems!

- Corrections -

If you receive a D or F (69% or below) on any quiz or test you may choose to do corrections.  The following guidelines apply:

          1.  Corrections must be turned in the next day
          2.  Original test must be signed by a parent or guardian
          3.  Student must re-copy the entire problem, show all work, and the correct  
                answer on a separate sheet of paper    
4.  Student must write an explanation for each incorrect problem stating
                their original mistake or misconception.
** The two grades will be average up to a 70%.