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Classroom Information

Classroom Expectations

Respect yourself and others

Be in your seat, ready to work when the bell rings

Come prepared (paper, pens, pencils, books, homework, assignment notebook)

Turn in all assignments on their due dates

Students must have an assignment notebook


Consequences For Behavior

Inappropriate behavior will result in a teacher warning. If the behavior continues, possible office referral.


Consequences for not being prepared for class (homework and novels) are that students will receive an in class “infraction” that they will fill out and sign. Once 3 in a particular class have been accumulated, the student will receive a zero hour or after-school detention that parents will be informed of.


Grading Scale:

A 100 – 90

B 89 – 80

C 79 – 70

D 69 – 60

Failing 59 and below