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Assignment Notebook, pens, pencils, paper, spiral, Language Arts folder,  binder style notebook with a set of at least 5 dividers,  book covers, package of index cards

 Vocabulary and spelling:

There may be some vocabulary lists with words that are from the current novel or story, as well as some spelling lists periodically given with the I Ready program.
Spelling will NOT be an every week occurrence.  When we do have spelling lists, the spelling lists will be given in the beginning of the week with a Pre-test. Students are only tested on the words they miss on the Pre-test.  The Post-test will be given on Fridays and be worth 200 points. There may not be a Spelling Test every week.  Please check your child's assignment notebook to see if there is a test, as well as the 7A/ 8A/8B Team calendar.


There will be many opportunities to practice essay writing. Prewriting activities and rough drafts will usually be done or given time to be worked on at school. Proofreading and editing is usually done both at home at well at school. Parent involvement with the editing process is often necessary to help create a quality essay.


Students will have an opportunity to read a variety of books/essays/ stories/ poems from all sorts of genres. When we are reading a novel, the majority of the reading will be done aloud in class and will focus on classroom discussions and comprehension of materials. There will be some reading the students will need to do at home with the novel as well.
There will also be long-term reading projects that will need to be completed at home with minimal school time available to complete this. The students will have ample time from the date assigned to the date due to complete them.  The projects count as grades equally in both Reading and English.


In Language Arts, we focus on grammar and sentence structure.

Daily Oral Language

Periodically students will be presented with 2 sentences to proofread and edit as a group. After 8 sentences have been covered, we will have a test over those same sentences worth 300 points in English.