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In Reading, I will teach students using the programs WonderWorks and the Wilson Reading System, along with supplementary materials. They will spend their time reading for meaning and analyzing the author's message. Students will also participate in the computer-based iReady program. iReady keeps learning individualized and focuses on each student's need. It's also a very motivating experience!
          In Writing, students will continue to practice their mechanics, usage, and grammar while focusing on writing for the common core. Students will write/type every day to strengthen their thinking and synthesis skills. Lessons are adapted from the 6-Traits of Writing and POWERFUL Writing for ALL Students.
          In Spelling, students will focus on words that meet their needs for writing at the 4th/5th grade level. These words will be individualized to maximize personal learning.
          In Math, students will learn common core standards through our new program, enVisions 2.0. The lessons are student friendly and follow a rigorous and logical series. There are also many helpful tools for parents.

       The rules in my classroom are unique. I have 55 rules in my class, which are based on Ron Clark's book, The Essential 55. The rules focus on making good choices and practicing social norms, such as shaking hands with a new person, walking down the right side of a hallway, or how to treat a friend in need. Each day, we review rules and introduce new ones. I really enjoy catching the students using these skills outside of my classroom.
     The students also learn about The 7 Habits of Happy Children by Sean Covey and follow the book's characters as they learn about making good choices for a successful life.
       I also implement a class management system, which always focuses on positive behaviors and encourages good choices.

     As soon as students enter my classroom, there is a timer running and they must complete specific tasks given. After settling in, we review homework expectations and students write in their assignment notebooks. At this time, we have a quick morning meeting to encourage a positive climate and class community.
      We begin a rotation, so that students have the opportunity to learn in small groups and can receive more assistance. They may move from Reading to Writing to Spelling, or a specific task. If needed, we will have a "brain break" (out-of-seat activity) to re-energize or settle nerves.
      Towards the end of class, we will take care of classroom management business and maybe have a quick activity. :)