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Please check  my Homework Page for daily homework, upcoming projects, and tests.


What students can expect

 Spellling - Spelling pre-tests are given on Monday.  Students will work in class on packets during the week.  Packets are due on Friday.  Friday's Spelling test will only include words that were misspelled on the pretest.    

Word Work - Every week students will complete a Word Work activity.  The goal of the activity is to gain a deeper understanding of a vocabulary word through different activities.  Word Work activities are completed during class.

Project of the Month (P.O.M.) - Every month students will be assigned a project.  The students will be given a detailed set of directions and any necessary supplies.  They will have the entire month to complete the project and return it to school.  The projects can be turned in early however, we will wait until the end of the month to share them. 

Math Fact Calendar - It is incredibly important that each student is secure in his/her math facts and can complete them with speed and accuracy.  Math facts must be practiced regularly in order to accomplish this goal.  Students are give a Math Fact Calendar at the beginning of each month, they are expected to practice for 15 minutes at least 3x a week.  (There are many different ways to practice, including:  computer, flash cards, apps, orally, etc...)  For each day he/she practices label the calendar with;  length of time practiced, intial it, and color the square.