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Report Absences
Classroom Information

  • All students should read at least 20 minutes every night.
  • English and reading homework will be given at least 2-3 times a week.
  • Absent work needs to be made up according to the handbook rules.
  • If a student needs extra help, clarification or has concerns, please make arrangements to come in zero hour. 

Homework Policy

  • If homework is missing, the student will receive a homework notice.
  • If homework is incomplete and the student didn’t come in for help during zero hour, the student will receive a homework notice.

Language Arts


      Houghton-Mifflin English

      Prentice Hall Literature

  • Our text is aligned with Illinois State Standards which focus on the following skills:

q  Predictions

q  Fact and Opinion

q  Inferences

q  Drawing Conclusions

q  Author’s Purpose

q  Main Idea

q  Context Clues

q  Paraphrasing

q  Summarizing

q  Comparing & Contrasting

q  Cause & Effect

q  Purpose for Reading