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Classroom Information: Math & Pre-Al

Mrs. Zdralevich’s

Math & Pre-Al Class

Team 6A


Classroom Rules:

  1. Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility!!!
  2. Walk into the room with a positive attitude.
  3. Come prepared for class.
  4. Follow instructions.
  5. Treat others how you would like to be treated.
  6. No pen will be used on homework (just for grading).


Classroom Behavior:

To ensure that students are on their best behavior in class, our team has formulated a policy to keep disruptive behavior in the classroom at a minimum. If a child acts inappropriately in class, they will place their name on the “pad” in that room, serving as a warning. If the child continues his or her inappropriate behavior, they will place a check mark after their name. The first check mark earns the student a 5 minute lunch session with that teacher, where he or she will discuss the behavior that took place. The second check mark will result in a detention issued by the teacher. And the third check mark will result in a referral to the principal’s office.

Homework Policy:

Homework in my class will be given almost every night, but all students will usually be allowed time in class to begin the assignment. This gives the student and I the opportunity to work together, allowing me to help answer any questions they may have over the assignment. If an assignment is not understood, then the child should come in during zero hour for extra assistance (not understanding the assignment does not excuse the student from completing it - I expect all my students to TRY!!!).  Homework will be graded at the beginning of each class, and is worth 2 points. Incomplete assignments, or partially completed assignments will result in a “Homework Notice” being issued. This notice is to be signed by myself and the parent. The notice must be turned in the following day, with the assignment completed. Failure to do so will result in a detention. Late work turned in the following day earns 1 point. Anything after that will be a zero.

Absent Work:

If a student is absent, it is his or her responsibility to make up their work. See student handbook for make-up work policy.


Quizzes will be given on a regular basis (2 to 3 per chapter), and will cover the material that will appear on the test. Quiz values range from 10 – 50 points.


Tests will be taken at the end of each chapter, and are worth 100 points.


I will have a review day before every test, to ensure the students are comfortable and knowledgeable of the material that will appear on the assessment.

**Plenty of notice will be given before all tests and quizzes. 

Daily supplies:

All students will be expected to bring the following to class EVERY DAY!!!

-          Pencil

-          Binder

-          Assignment Notebook

-          Calculator (when told)

-          Book (when told)

A binder must be used for this class. This binder will serve as an organizational tool to students. The following tabs should be in the binder:

-          Unit Packet

-          Bell Ringers

-          Common Core

-          Quiz and Test Reviews

-          Misc.


Tests and quizzes will not be part of the binder, because each student will have a portfolio in my room, where all tests and quizzes will be kept. On the inside of each portfolio, the student will have an incentive chart. For every A or B earned on a test or quiz, the student will be given a sticker. A perfect score will result in 2 stickers. Once a student has earned 5 stickers, they are given the opportunity to choose a “prize.” In addition to the incentive chart, the students will be responsible for logging their test and quiz scores inside of the portfolio. This allows the student and teacher to analyze the student’s progress throughout the year.

Extra Credit:

Extra Credit is rarely given, and should be taken advantage of if the opportunity presents itself.


Grade Breakdown:

Homework            = 2 points per assignment

Quizzes                 = 10-50 points per Quiz

Tests                     = 100 points per Test

Projects                = Point value varies

Grade Scale:

90 – 100 = A

80 – 89   = B

70 – 79   = C

60 – 69   = D

59 or below = F 

Any questions, feel free to contact me at any time:

Mrs. Kelly Zdralevich

(708)448-5971, ext. 3929