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Applied Technology Recommended Links


Attention students, families, and friends, if you find any links that might enrich any of the classroom modules, feel free to send them to Mr. Mancilla!


Synergy ITC - This is the website that takes you to Synergy ITC and can allow you to access all the module activities from home.

Pitsco Robo Review - A test review game for the modules that is web based!  You may need to download an additional software program for it, and I found it works best with Internet Explorer.

Bridge Basics - To be used with our 8th Grade Toothpick Bridge Project.

ESPN Sports Science Videos

Cool Science Careers - An interactive website from Rice University where students learn more and investigate different careers in science. - A variety of coding activities from (look for Students - Learn it in minutes)

Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture Studio -

Garbage Dreams - An interesting story about a community that recycles 80% of their waste.  And a game to challenge you to do the same.  My record...60% with a score of 2059.  Thanks Jimmy L. - One of my favorite sites for teaching young adults about their civic duties.  There are many games and activities dealing with famous law cases from the past 100 years. - A cool website to get more females involved in engineering!

Journey Through the Digestive System - Take a sandwich through the digestive system!  Thanks Laura and Alexandra.

Cargo Bridge Builder - Back by popular demand, use your knowledge of trusses and bridges to build bridges of various lengths and complete the task at hand.  Thanks Nathan and Maryam! 

Burgled Bonuses - A game from TruTv, solve the mystery using your knowledge of forensics, inductive, and deductive reasoning.  Thanks Jenna and Christina.

Garbage Truck Drive - A game loosely related to Garbology.  Practice driving and picking up garbage but watch out for these obsticles.  Thanks Oliwer and Ashley.

Sky Kings Racing - From FOG games.  Use a plain and navigate through different checkpoints.  Thanks Karina K.

Isoball 3 - From  Use strategy to get the ball in the hole.  Thanks Oliwer.

Bloxorz - A math game where you use strategy to solve different puzzles. From Thanks Kyle and Nicole!

Light-Bot - Program a robot to move and turn on a light. My new favorite! Thanks Tyler E.

The Sum of All Thrills – A game from Math Moves where you can create your own theme park. Thanks Colin R.

Tower Bloxx - Build a town by creating many small towers.  A traditional tower stacking game.  Thanks Saad and Jacob.

Fingerprint Matching Activity - From Wonderville, try to find Proton the cat using suspects fingerprints.  Thanks Ria W. and Anna S.

CSI: The Experience - Another one from Rice University - Get involved with different level of crime scences as a Forensic Scientist.  Thanks Syney and Riley!

Science Game Center - This will take you to multiple games that deal with science for middle school students.  From - Thanks Sydney and Riley!

Cool Science Careers - From Rice University, explore different science careers that interest you and then get involved with them online.  Thanks Sydney and Riley!

Into Space 2 - Try to land a rocket on the moon and collect cash to upgrade your items.  A sequal to my favorite game, but also more complex.  Thanks Payton and Danielle!

Nuts and Bolts - You have to find the correct wooden beam length to get to a nut and try to reach the end point of a beam.  Thanks to Jack P. 

Surgery Squad - Perform different types of surgeries.  Please choose only school appropriate surgeries.  Thanks to Jake T. 

Laser Defense - Try to stop the moving items using a variety of different lasers.  My record is level 80...Beat it if you can.  Thanks to Alex B.

Wireframe Skeleton - Adjust a wireframe skeleton and experiment with the human body.  Thanks Nick G. and Frank K.

MSI Chicago – Online Activities that you can try at home. 

Energyville – Learn about energy uses while you build your own city.  Thanks to Trevor, Jeremy, Jenna and Alex.

Park My Plane – Challenge yourself to park airplanes and get them to the runway in a timed event.  Thanks to Jamie R.

Roller Coaster Creator 2 – Build a roller coaster part 2.  Thanks to Veronica K. and Johnny D.

TU 95 – A flying game that helps with the basics of flight technology.  Fun and difficult.  Thanks to Andrew D. 

The Laser Game – Activate all the sensors by hitting them with lasers.  Thanks Lara and Gillian.

Glasgow Science Investigation – Someone has stolen Birdbot and it’s up to you to find out who stole him using forensics.  Thanks to Angelica and Marta.

TruTV Forensic Files Game – 3 different games from Forensic Files on TruTV.  Thanks to Angelica and Marta.

Circuit Game – A game of turning pies to make a circuit print.  Thanks Natalia R and Amanda H.

FETCH! Goes Green – 5 games with everybody’s favorite PBS Kids character Ruff Ruffman.  Thanks Liz and Sydney.

EERE Kids – 6 games based around how to save the environment.  Thanks Sydney P. and Liz J.

Into Space – Try to navigate your rocket to the moon.  Thanks to Alex T. 

Recycle Roundup – How many pieces of recyclable, non-recyclable, and biodegradable trash can you pick up and sort?  Thanks to Natalia R.

Wall-E Trash Tower – Remove supports for a towers truss to see how long it can stay up.  Thanks to Elle.

Waste Recycler – A hidden object game where you search for recyclable items listed on the top of the screen.  How many can you find?

Keyboard Games for Kids – A combination of keyboarding games including type type revolution!

CellCraft -
Help platypus scientists save their species from an impending meteor collision by turning to
science. (Thanks to Richard M)

Typing Test
– Challenge yourself to a typing test to see how many words you can type per minutes and
check your accuracy.  Mr. Mancilla is 68 words per minute with 98% accuracy!

The Cracker Barrel Game – My favorite game from the local Cracker Barrel online

Operation Heart Transplant – From NOVA figure out how to transplant a heart in 19 easy steps.  Thanks Goda and Monica.

United States Department of Energy – has information on renewable energy.

Energy for Kids – another website from the Department of Energy with games about different
alternative energies.

Climate Challenge – Save the European Nations from climate dangers in this interesting game about global warming.  Thanks to Adriana M and Patrick H.

Kids Konnect – Human Body – explains the 11 body systems with neat pictures and other cool links

Alliance for Innovative Manufacturing – A Stanford University site for kids that explain how everyday items are made including jelly beans and chocolate!!!

British Heart Foundation Healthy Heart Games – A series of games from the BHF.   Thanks Goda and Monica.

How Circuits Work – Teaches how a circuit works and explains electricity.  Thanks Hayley and Rebecca.

The Plumber Game – Connect the pipes to have water drain (Thanks Collin and Billy)

Discover Engineering – Awesome site with lots of interactive activities to do with engineering and some great games!

Architect Studio 3D – From the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust experience this awesome program that allows you to create and design your own place.  Excellent introduction for future architects!

EdHeads – Go replace a knee, do some brain surgery, or complete other activities in this interactive website.

Virtual Mummy – This doesn’t have to do much with Applied Tech, but it’s one of my favorite links from when I taught social studies.  Can you practice your mummifying skills?

Build-a-Roller Coaster – A site from Discovery Kids to see the fun factor of your coaster.  Thanks to Kathy U. and Nicole M.

CSI – Well sort of, use your Canine Sniffer Intelligence to solve a mystery from Fetch on PBS Kids.

Mission to Mercury – A neat little mission for students who have completed the Rocketry and Space module.

DragonflyTV, Mechanical Madness -  A kinetic sculpture needs your help to make these machines work.

Goldburger To Go – A Rube Goldberg game from PBS.  Make a simple task extremely difficult using a series of simple machines! 

Tom and Jerry Trap-O-Matic – Another Rube Goldberg type game but using our favorite cat and mouse, Tom and Jerry!

The Blobz Electric Circuits – The Blobz Guide to electric circuits.  Learn and explore more about how circuits work and practice completing your own circuit.

Rocket Robin – A rocket game that uses thrust to measure how much altitude a rocket can get.  Thanks to Emily and Dean for this site.  My personal record is 4423.16 meters.  

Funergy! – Includes Lolly vs. The Energy Monkies and Watts the answer?  Thanks to Oscar and Joe. .

The Space Place from NASA – Videos, games, and activities that deal with rockets.  Thanks Emily and Rebecca

Synergistics Systems