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Classroom Information

One of our goals this year is to assist your child in becoming an independent and responsible student here at Palos South and for the future.  In order to help reach this goal the following classroom policies are promoted throughout our team to ensure the best learning environment for your child:

           - Respect yourself and others.
           - Be in your seat, ready to work.
           - Come to class prepared.
           - Follow directions.
           - Submit all assignments on the due date.
           - The Discipline Guidelines outlined in the Palos South Handbook apply 
              at all times.

      Homework Policy
             1 day late = 50% credit
             2 or more days late = 0% credit, assignment must still be turned in

      Materials Needed

          - assignment notebook
          - pens/pencils
          - red grading pen
          - loose leaf paper
          - Reading, English folder
          - textbook (when needed)
          - silent reading book
          - jump drive
          - coloring supplies (occasionally)