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Club Action




Club Sponsors: Mr. Kouba and Mrs. Partin


What is Club Action

The mission of Club Action, a student-oriented club of learning, is to graduate young adults prepared to realize their life-long potential in an ever-changing world. We accomplish this through a shared commitment to core values by caring students, staff, family, and community.

Purpose of Club Action

The purpose of Club Action is to prepare our students to deal with the complexities of today’s world by actively participating in their communities. 

Standards for Club Action

  1. Effective service learning efforts strengthen service and academic learning.
  2. Model service learning provides concrete opportunities for youth to learn new skills, to think critically, and to test new roles in an environment that encourages risk-taking and rewards competence.
  3. Preparation and reflection are essential elements in service learning.
  4. Youths' efforts are recognized by those served, including their peers, the school, and the community.
  5. Youth are involved in the planning.
  6. The service students perform makes a meaningful contribution to the community.
  7. Effective service learning integrates systematic formative and summative evaluation.
  8. Service learning connects the school or sponsoring organization and its community in new and positive ways.
  9. Service learning is understood and supported as an integral element in the life of a school or sponsoring organization and its community.
  10. Skilled adult guidance and supervision are essential to the success of service learning.

What is Service Learning?

Service learning is service without pay to a non-profit organization or an individual or group in need of assistance. The service must be for the benefit of others either outside the school community or for a school-based parent group. 

Service learning helps students:


  • Acquire life skills

  • Understand their responsibilities as citizens in the community

  • Improve their self-esteem

  • Take and accept new challenges

Service learning provides students with: 

  • Opportunities for higher level thinking skills

  • Opportunities to assume responsibilities

  • The positive experience of helping others

  • A chance to explore new roles

  • An experience to enrich their learning

  • Opportunities for career exploration