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Science 7th

Introduction and Information Sheet


This science class is designed as a life science class.  In seventh grade we will be using STEMSCOPE activities.  Our texts are part of a series by Prentice-Hall, Inc.


A two-pocket folder, book, and a five subject spiral notebook used only for science are to be brought to class daily.  Students should keep all papers for the chapter in this folder until we have completed the chapter and they have verified their grades in Skyward.  Students are required to write in black or blue ink.  Writing may also be done in pencil if preferred.

Students are expected to bring textbook, folder, spiral notebook, paper, and pen or pencil, to class daily.


Students are expected to complete assignments/homework on time.  This prepares them to participate in class discussionsLate homework will result in only half credit.   Copying answers from others is unacceptable.  If both parties are willing participants, both will receive no credit for that assignment.


Students are to record their assignments and class activities in their assignment notebook.  This will help them to keep up with their work. 

Videos and Filmstrips

Videos and filmstrips pertaining to the unit being studied are shown to emphasize important concepts and introduce new ones.  Worksheets corresponding with the presentation are often used to help the student to identify the important information given.

Lab Activities and Computer Usage

Seventh grade science students participate in laboratory activities that will aid them in comprehending and applying the objective of the chapter.  Students will receive specific instructions and will be expected to follow them exactly.  Because laboratory activities use special equipment and materials, lab safety is stressed.  Students will be instructed in laboratory safety.  During lab students will be working with partners with whom they must cooperate.  We will also use the internet to access information pertaining to some of the units we are studying.


Some units will have projects included to stimulate creativity and research. Class time will be provided but sometimes the project will need to be worked on or finished at home.


There may be several quizzes per chapter covering vocabulary, reading assignments, and other class activities.  Students are expected to prepare for quizzes, but sometimes pop quizzes may be used to be sure that the students are staying on task.


The test marks the end of the chapter.  Students will need to review the chapter before the test.  The tests are primarily made up of objective questions (true-false, multiple choice), but some essay questions may also be used.   Tests are always returned back to students.

Make-up work

Any student who is absent must see the teacher to find out what work was missed and to schedule a time to take the test missed.  The due date for make-up work will correspond to the number of days absent. Tests may need to be made up before or after school.  It is the student’s responsibility to find out what work was missed and to complete the work within the specified time.  The student is responsible for turning in the missed work without being asked for it.

Grading Policy

Every attempt is given to allow seventh grade science students to reach the highest grade they can.  The grading scale in the student handbook is used to determine Midterm and Final grades.  Parents should attempt to view grades in Skyward regularly.


Disruptive behavior negatively affects the learning environment of other students in the classroom and will not be tolerated. All the Lab Safety Rules studied this year or given aloud during the class activity must be practiced at all times. Parents will be notified if behavior is a problem.


Students should come to class expecting to learn and give their best effort.  Communication between the teacher, the student, and the parents is of vital importance. Parents should feel welcome to call the school to speak with the teacher regarding their child or email if they prefer.