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                                                            Las  reglas para la clase de español

These expectations are shared with students at all three grade levels.  Each student receives a copy of the rules and is expected to keep it in their Spanish folder.

Respect everyone in (and out) of the classroom.  This is especially important in this class, as everyone is learning something completely new!

If you know the answer, have a question, or have anything to share with the class, we want to hear it!  Everyone is welcome to and should participate, but please do so in the appropriate manner.  Remember to raise your hand.  Please do not call out or speak when someone else is speaking.

All materials are to be brought to class daily.  This includes textbook, notebook, assignment notebook, pen/pencil and homework.

Late homework will be accepted one day after the original due date. Assignments turned in one day late will be given 50% credit.  Assignments submitted after the second day will receive no credit. Late assignments/projects will be accepted for partial credit.

 If you were absent, please check “La tarea” assignment board and folders when you return to school.  If you have any questions, please see me.

Cheating/copying will result in a zero grade, a phone call home and possibly a referral.  This applies to homework, vocabulary lists, quizzes and tests.