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Classroom Information

Mr. Beran

Classroom Rules


-- come to class prepared

-- be on time

-- do quality work

-- ask questions

-- etc

Required Materials

1. Textbook                                                  5. Calculator

2. #2 Pencil                                                  6. 2 Pocket Folder

3. Red Pen                                                    7. Graph Paper

4. Spiral Notebook (notes and problems)

**All assignments are to be completed in PENCIL, on notebook paper, and have a proper heading ( section #, problems, page number )

** Notes, example problems, and homework are an important part of the learning process. It will be essential that good notes should be taken and ALL problems assigned for homework should be attempted. You must show all work! Assignments will be corrected and discussed at the beginning of the next class. Students are encouraged to ask me questions about any homework problem. Excessive missing assignments will result in a detention/ notify parents.

** Tests, Quizzes, Homework, Notes, and Projects are the basis of your grade.Success depends on you. If you have fun, participate, do your work, ask questions, and give an effort, you will be successful in my class.