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Academic Expectations

Each student’s Math/Pre-Algebra grade is broken down into the following elements: Participation, Binder Checks, Bell Ringer, Homework, Quizzes, Quiz Corrections, Tests, Test Corrections, Mini/Big Projects, and Extra Credit

Participation à It is vital that students participate in the classroom because this will help the students become actively engaged in the material as well as teach them responsibility.  Students will receive these points for coming prepared for class, participating in class discussions and activities, writing in their assignment notebooks, being a responsible classroom neighbor when students are absent.


Materials Required EVERY DAY: Assignment Notebook, Pencil, Pen, Math Binder, Calculator

Binder Checks ~ The Math Binder is a great way for the students to stay organized.  The students will divide his or her binder into 5 sections with tabs:

Tab #1 = B.R.

Tab #2 = Notes/HW

Tab #3 = Vocab

Tab #4 = PARCC

Tab #5 = Reviews

Math Folder (goes behind the last section)

Bell Ringer à At the beginning of each math class period, the students will be expected to complete the Bell Ringer problem posted on the dry erase board. The Bell Ringer problem serves as a reinforcement of the material that was learned the day before and assists the students to get engaged in the material as quickly as possible.  This problem will not be graded for correctness; however, students will receive participation points for copying the problem correctly and correcting it as we go over it as a class.

Homework à Homework is an important part of the learning process and serves as a reinforcement of the material being covered in class. Students are expected to complete each assignment to the best of their ability (showing all of their work) and have the assignment in on time.  Students will not be penalized for wrong answers because they are not expected to get every math problem correct the first time they attempt it.  However, they will be responsible for making corrections.

Team 6B has a Homework Policy that is the following: One day late results in ½ credit and two or more days late will result in receiving zero credit for the assignment.  Also, all assignments must be turned in regardless of when they are completed.

If a student does not turn in their homework on time for the 2nd time, they will receive a homework notice.  Two homework notices results in a lunch detention.

Quizzes à Quizzes will be given once or twice per chapter and will cover the material that will appear on the test. Students that receive below a 70% (D or F) will be required to get his or her quiz signed and corrected by the next day.

Tests à Tests will be taken at the end of each chapter. If students receive a D or F on a test, they will be required to get it signed and complete test corrections due the next day.

Quiz/TestCorrections à            Every student will be required to make quiz corrections which will count for a homework grade.  This will serve as continued preparation for the final assessment on the concepts. Students will need to redo the incorrect problem(s) in the homework section of their binder.

Reviewsà Students will be given review material for most quizzes and tests on so that they will be comfortable and knowledgeable of the material that will appear on the assessment. 

 Projects à Students will be required to complete independent and group projects throughout the school year.

Extra Credit à Students that go above and beyond the expectations of the average student will be rewarded.  Extra Credit will be given occasionally and it is strongly encouraged that students take advantage of these opportunities.




Participation/Binder Checks




Extra Credit


90% - 100% = A

80% - 89% = B

70% - 79% = C

60% - 69% = D

59 % or below = F


Zero Hour à Students will be strongly encouraged to ask questions and get help from me whenever they need it.  I will be available for zero hour each morning (a warning is appreciated) and will be ready to assist the students in any way that I can. However, students need to know that I will not “do” their homework for them. They need to attempt the problems in order for me to assist them with the homework.

Make-up Work à Any student who is absent must pick up the “While You Were Out” with their name on it in the back of the room.  The due date for make-up work will correspond to the number of days absent. Tests may need to be made up before or after school.   It is the student’s responsibility to find out what work was missed and to complete the work within the specified time.  The student is responsible for turning in the missed work without being asked for it.

Behavior Expectations

Be Honest

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

If the expectations aren’t followed the following consequences will take place.

Verbal Warning

 Conference with student

Lunch Detention

 Zero Hour Detention

 Office Referral

  • Parental Contact could take place within any of these steps, especially if the behavior is repeated.
  • Extreme behavior problems will be dealt with individually.